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this is a gas engine and also wanted to know what engine filters are changed on a normal oil change
Every thing was fine after the replenish and the usual maintenance but all of a sudden it stopped and although the engine was running but the car wo't move even on D or Reverse.
i replaced and ballanced tires and wheels. still have vibration
My 1994 Mercedes-Benz E-320 Wagon suffers from rapid, long "Jounces" with every road dip. M-B mechanic I use says I need "ACCUMULATORS"? for $800! Can't I get and FIT adequate SHOCKS or STRUTS and SPRINGS? Please advise me. I'm REALLY CONFUSED and $$$ is a factor. Thanks, Carl.
Just had some repairs done. New water pump, new radiator.
Waiting at the Red light engine turns off will not restart. Waited about 10 min. Car started but turn off again without warning lasted 5 min. No codes no dash lights no overheating no smoke nothing.
Everything was fine for a few months then suddenly the key would turn to the start position but would not activate the starter. I tried turning the wheel to get it to snap into the lock position which sometimes works but then the key would only turn to the "accessories on" position and would not pas into the start position. The Mercedes Service Dept that installed the Key tumblers said the Steering Wheel Locking Mechanism needs to be replaced for $650.00. How is the Steering Wheel Locking Mechanism related to the Key Tumbler mechanism?
my windows will not let up my drive windows has not been working for a couple of months it stays up all the time are the some kind of code to reset I did have to change battery last month all windows except driver window has been working fine till now can you give me suggestions

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