Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI Questions

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head rest moves fine,

Main battery died overnight, and vehicle was purchased used, without a valet key. Neither the engine key, nor the driver's switch will open the trunk, in order to access the main battery. How can I gain access to the trunk? Must I purchase a valet key? Will the valet key be based on the VIN?

My local mechanic could not find problem and also suspected a control module. Recommended dealer diagnose the problem. What is average repair cost to replace the CDI controller?

dealer says there is a break in the fiber optic cable in the trunk that feeds the radio. Mouse ate it so the dealer says. Need video to show me how to replace it. Cable is pt# 211 540 23 32

first nothing was wrong but now it just......

glow plugs

When the engine is cold, the glow plug light on the dash will not come on when the key is turned to the "ON" position. If I try turning it further, to the "START" position, the engine will not turn over. The glow plug light must come on and then go out, in order for the ignition to crank the engine and start. The only way to start it then is to leave the key in the on position for about 2 to 3 minutes. I then can turn it off an on, until the glow plug light comes on. Once that lights up and goes out, the engine will start. Once the engine is warmed up, the engine can be shut off and started under the normal procedure. I replaced the glow plugs with the Berar 5v plugs recommended. This has been an intermittent problem that seems to be getting worse in the colder weather. Could the be a faulty glow plug, relay switch or is there something else that I should be looking at?


We are looking at a Mercedes Benz E320 CDI (2006 model), which has been in New York for past 6 years. We are concerned it maybe rusted in areas not visible to us.Do all cars in New York get rusted?

Thanks in advance


comes and goes

Does anyone have a shop manual for a 2005 E320CDI? I want to purchase one,

I want to purchase one.

My car was in a rear end collision and the check engine light came on. The car has been fixed and the check engine light is still on. They told me that the filter needed replacing so they did that; $300 later and the check engine light is still on. Any suggestions?

The car had a rear end collision and the battery was replaced. Exhaust was messed up too. Now the control panel only comes on about half the time when I start the car; I'm told that this is the normal power conservation mode when the battery is dying, but that is new. Then they told me it was the ignition and they replaced that for $1300 and it did not fix the problem. I read here about control panels needed to be replaced. Could that have been caused by the accident and what would that cost?

The dashboard drawer next to the glove compartment does not close/retract

Display message is: "Drive to workshop without changing gear". However, I can't even select a gear so that I can drive it!

Where are after market batteries for this car sold?

After driving at highway speeds for any length of time, after i pay a toll or slow down, my car does not want to move. The engine does not race, and after a while eventually the vehicle will pick up speed.

2005 Mercedes E320 CDI - where is located the glow plug control module/relay?


The buzzer sounds even when no passenger is in the front seat. It will shut off only if I click the seat belt shut.

My a/c recharge kit hose fitting fits 1999 300D that is is a 134a system but seems too small for the 2005. Did they go to a larger fitting or something and should i be able to get an adapter or is this a MB only trick?

I changed Trans fluid and now engine will not run above 2400 RPM . Car ran fine before fluid change . Now all dash lights come on , engine goes on and off rapidly in time with the dash lights

When I accelerate hard to about 35 mph and then abruptly let off on the accelerator, there is a hard clunk in the front left wheel area. It does it every time I try. If I accelerate hard but do not let off abruptly on the accelerator, later when I slightly brake there can be a clunk or two like I ran over a branch with my left tire.

I just purchased a 2005
Problem with 2005 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz E320 Cdi
I just purchased a 2005 Mercedes E320 CDI with 45,000 miles. Just before I bought it the owner had the intake manifold removed and cleaned. The Mercedes dealer he went to said this was not an unusual problem for Mercedes diesels around 50,000 miles.. (Cost $1500). The service light had been on and off periodically and the car was at times sluggish when when pulling away from a stop. The auto sales person told me I should use a product called "Red Line" every 3rd fuel fill-up. I went to another Mercedes dealer after I bought the car and they said they hadn't sold "Red Line" for quite a few years. Two service advisers there said they had never had to clean an intake manifold on a Mercedes since they were there (I don't know how long they were there.) Is that a common problem with the 2005 E320 CDI and what should I do to prevent it. (Use Red Line???)

How can I take out the little coin drawer on my E320 CDI

I have a trunk leak issue....specifically once it rains or after washing the car a large amount of water gets trapped between the layers of the truck deck. It is noticable two ways...first, you can hear it "shoshing" when it opens and closes. Secondly, the water tends to find its way out around the latch as well as the seams. The seams being along the edge where the two layers are attached. Where and how does this water enter the cavity of the trunk deck? I have a concern for rust developing over time.

Where is the motor oil filter located on the MB E320 2006 CDI?

vibration at speed over 60 mph

Dealer states that when the brakes reach 3 % fluid they should be flushed. I'm doubting this advice. Can you advise me.