Mercedes-Benz E320 BLUETEC Questions

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I am trying to replace the glow plug module in my car, and I would like to know where exactly in the car it is located.
There is a lot of oil appear at small tube that connect from passenger valve cover to turbo air inlet.
Car loses acceleration power during trip. Stoping car, turning off and then restarting the engine, corrects to problem.... until it happens again. Car can accelerate very little and very slowly when this problem occurs.
According to the service center in the car, and now the trunk will not open at all no matter which method is used. This is all the time nothing else seems to be wrong.
Upon entering freeway and stepping on gas, there was no power to gain speed. Took quite a long time to reach 60mph. Drove to Dealership. Initial diagnosis is turbo charge issue. What can I expect? A hose, maybe a gasket? What are labor costs involved for turbo charge related issues?
The gear shifts from N to D happens with a jerk and while driving the gear automatic gear shifting does not take place. The engine runs at high rpm. Then when I switch off and restart, the problem goes away.
This problem happens sometimes.
Engine Malfunction and Preglow indicator lights are on, but car seems to run fine. This phenomenon began only yesterday.
my car was running smooth. suddnely it lost transmission power ,pickup is slow ,my car at gas station was on sand it did spin my tire when started driving after 40 mile I lost power it is still running smooth,shifting smooth. but no power.did spin so bad please let me know what can be problem
Restarting the engine seems to reset the sensor.
Was recently rear-ended. Got car fixed. Report there was a faint oil smoke smell and now the car goes into a type of limp mode when you accelerate to aggressively. Engine light is on. How can I prove the damage was caused by the rear end collision?
No voltage goes to starter solinoid while in park and foot on brake
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