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Trunk release switch will not release. Unable to access trunk
Right rear shock leaks down over night...after starting and driving a short distance the shock inflates properly.
I was driving down the road after just tradeing for the 02 e320 awd he had a blow out on the way to trade put the spare on wich is a 215/65/16 and the rest are 215/55/16 was running great then i hit the gas to take off and my tractimg kept kicking in finally got it going hwy speed and about 2 hours into the drive home it start shaking then made a clunk noise and stoped pulling when you got to put it in park it's like it didn't have a drive shaft connected because it grinds into park but you can feel it go in but it will still roll around I was wondering if this could be t-case drive shaft trans or what ?
Took it to mercedes .mechanic they said it was computer wiring. The phone just started making beeping sounds and we press phone button it stops but starts again two minutes later. It beeps during cd or radio playing. It flashes connecting line.
When I turn the ignition on and put it in drive it jerks like it's out of control. Then it sounds as though it's straining when I started driving. The check engine light is on. And when I went to put it in reverse I couldn't put it in reverse. Your thoughts please
Starts out fine drive it a few miles then it just stops moving while in gear. Fluid level is fine. Let it cool down and will go again
car was driving fine then went into limp mode. changed the conductor plate with a new one and now the check electronics light is on and the trans will not shift out of 1st gear. did diagonistic and it showed code P0715.
My car was running and when I reset it my car won't start
about to buy
happened 1st time this morning at my daughter's school when I was leaving. Just turned 175K miles

engine turns over, but stalls when i put it into drive. i turned off radio, hvac, lights, let it idle for a few minutes and then was able to drive.

is this a battery, alternator or other problem? i had front brakes replaced 1 week ago. don't want another big repair right now if I don't need one.

Thank you for your help!
The speedometer works for a minute then stops and the abs and basr light comes on this started happening when they change my tires where is the speed sensor located at and what can I do to fix it
car keeps stalling has new fuel pumps, new spark plugs serviced regularly has over 231,000.00 miles on it new belts regularly serviced by mercedes benz
I have 137K miles
I am able to throw it into neutral and re-start, but I am concerned about safety
Last owner did his own brakes....abs/esp/bas/srs and check engine light on with 5 malfunctions after shutting down engine...engine fan not going on....alternator was replaced, new right headlight replaced.....checked fuses....1 keeps popping.....??
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