Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG Questions

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While driving on it vibrates a bit. Nothing has popped up on my dashboard. No one can seem to figure out the problem. Can anyone please help figure out what wrong with car.
The radar system shuts down, apparently due to lack of feedback from other vehicles.
i noticed that the cooling system -fluid- not circulating which is cause high temperature and poor Air Condition is on ..
the fluid circaltion not running due to coolinn fan not working properly ,
what is the cased of this problem?
when the car running and air con. running too, the engine fan making hi sound ?
Check engine light came on tech told me the left cam shaft adjuster needs to be replaced is this really bad and should I give the car back I just got it 3weeks ago. Will the engine blow if I keep driving it?
codes were erased but no work was done how many mile must I drive for the engine light to come back on. Code reads left camshaft adjuster.
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