Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG Questions

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You gently give it a push to complete the down cycle
The other day the small headlight blew out and I changed the little small bulb and the light works. All of a sudden today, nothing works on that lever...the signal lights do work...I see them flash when locking the door.
car will not turn over at all
Has been this way since rearend accident repair
Even when I am using air conditioning, my center console gets warm enough to melt chocolate or keep my coffee warm. To my knowledge, there is no such option. How can I fix this to protect my candy bars?
windows is not working also the seat its not workin is there any fuse I need to all started when I jack it up and change the flat on the rear right hand side
Initially the shifter wouldn't come out of park when it first started acting up. Removed and cleaned everything up in the shifter and was initially able to get it out of park and functioning. However, now the shifter isn't reading and the transmission isn't shifting out of 1st gear. My question is will that cause it to go into limp mode and not shift?
Steering wheel controls work for radio/not cd changer.
If I change the s/w switch from s to w trans seams to not slip nearly as bad.after the car is driven til operating temp there is no more slipping problem
remote has been replaced and original or new will not work inst panel sayes can not recognize thx ron hicks
something fell inside need to see if its blocking shifter from working.. it was a plastic toothpick
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