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I have a 2002 Mercedes CL 55 .I am having a problem with it starting up sometimes .If i leave it sitting for a day or more ,It has to be jumped off .it cranks right up once the jumper cables are attached . My battery has been check ,my alternator and starter both are putting out good power ? What could the problem be ?
I just bought the car and need to register it so it needs to be smoged
I have to pull over and restart car for it to reset. I replaced brake sensors
I own(ed) a 2001 SL500 which is about to be totalled by the body shop because it has damage of over $8k.

Now I want to upgrade and love Mercedes.

So I'm looking at a 2005 CL55 AMG.

Would you recommend this car? I'm not rich and don't make too much money so I wanted to know if it would be smart to buy one.

What kind if problems could I expect with this car?

It would be a daily driver, so take that into consideration.

I approximate it. Thanks.
had to pass a semi on a two lane and when I lost power it got interesting. I floored the accelerator and it didn't respond. the car keep running but no speed. the semi had move to the shoulder. I had to come to a complete stop turn off key before car would accelerate normally.
Acts as there's no fuel no spark. But doesn't happen every time. Could it have something related to computer without battery?
plastic toothpick slide into now car wont touch shift
Heard it knocking when I pulled in garage last night. Shut of car immediately. Checked all fluids. All good. Started car in am, and knocking kept going for 30 seconds and the suddenly stopped. Drove car around block and all seemed good except no cool air. From my research, AC Compressor shot??? Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. I can buy a new Denso from Parts Geek for just under $300.00. Labor cost? Anything else I should know? Thank You
this has occurred twice since I had this service done. is this a possibility that this service had something to do with this problem? I have a year old battery and this problem never occurred before. I put a 1 hour charge on battery and all systems go.
I believe that this part failure, the strut is leaking fluid, should be replace under my extended warranty as an intagral part of the ABC system rather than a normal wear and tear no covered part. Does this corner of the car completely have to fail (sag) to be covered?
any idea of how much it may cost me?
Car showed multiple display messages and speedometer wasn't working. Few days later it appeared fine. (no display probs). Dealership says communication problem and needs new ESP module.
Now we have a loud squeall either on one or more just before you stop. visually everything looks good. there was a damaged rotor on the rear driver side..and now that rotor is showing shinny circle on the rotor itself but no grooves.
the car wont start at times. it usually happens when the car is hot... the rpm goes up but the car doesn't pick up speed until like 15 seconds of flooring it or sometimes not even at all.
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