Mercedes-Benz C350 4MATIC Questions

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The diagnostics shows that the cats are blocked so the engine light stays on,but car is running fine.
Garages tells me the only why is to leaf it in and to remap the computer so the computer dos not pic up the cat sensors
Any advice??
When travelling at higher speed or turning while accelerating, I have been feeling three short vibration bursts through the steering wheel - can someone explain it to me?
I took it to AutoZone so they could check it,the reading say it the camshaft position sensors.the diagnostic codes reads 0016,0017.
When check, it reads, camshaft position sensors. Check engine light stays on
When coming to a complete stop, the car makes a thumping noise. When driving off from a stop, the car studders. No power loss but a hesitation. Also when turning at low speeds, it feels like the old 4x4 shakes. Could this be tire sensors for the 4matic going bad? Check engine light just came on.
How will I know which I need, the standard of HID?
After the car warms up you can smell (hot) from the drivers door back to the end of the car. All fluid levels are up, no flashing code or engine lights. Car still runs fine but you do have the hot smell. No visible leaks under the car.
Whenever the car is shifted from park to reverse there's a noticably long delay before the transmission engages. Then I feel a "thud" and the car moves in reverse. This occurs whether my foot is on the accelerator or not.
When to replace
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