Mercedes-Benz C320 4MATIC Questions

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I replaced the lower right radiator hose already but still leaks
I got a 2005 Mercedes c320 4matic it's been sitting for about a year the battery went dead and it's been on a trickle charge ever since I went to go put it together today and noticed the front wheels are spinning freely even though it's a 4matic I started it put it in gear and I was able to stop the front wheel with my hand what would be wrong with it
Replaced battery checked fuses but still no crank..all lights working etc
Just bought the car yesterday...please give some guidance on how to fix these issues. Thanks!
What does this computer image mean? A/C runs fine and error message resets when car is restarted.
Had transmission replaced as recommended by two MB dealers; 1 in Manhattan and 1 in Fairfield, NJ. Replaced tranny and when gearing down (5,4,3)car vibrates and rpm rises after 30-40 minutes of driving. TMCU has been changed, alternator, wiring, co2 filter etc. Every ancillary component associated with the transmission have been changed with a brand new MB OEM part. Still will not correct. After tranny installed 2x times taken back to MB for testing and they do not know why this is still happening.

My idea and as I have extremely limited knowledge about cars, I was thinking, maybe to traction control, ABS or 4 MATIC system is the culprit as it is not a major transmission component but a major ancillary system.. HELP!! PLEASE!!

cost 250 for parts and 350 for labor what do you think
The car seems lifted in the front a lot more than usual. Does not drive as smooth.
my car won't start and i am told that my ME Control unit has to be replaced. my car only have 59,500 on it. is this a known issue with the mercedes c-class? is there anyway i can find out if mine was defective from the manufacturer? this is very costly to replace. your rapid response is greatly appreciated.
what is the best transmission fluid to use to flush ?name of the transmission filter to use .
On several occassions, while using the navigation system, the navigation and radio went dead, warning message that there was an error with the display, and the car lost power to the wheels (although engine responded). Each time (so far), shut engine off and restart.. problem is resolved. This sounds to me like a component overheat problem but it is affecting the car's drivability - has anyone else had this issue? What is the fix and how costly is it?
Just started having the indicator of Low voltage turn of consumables. Is this a bad battery or alternator?
I have a very small dent in the front right quarter panel that may be easily popped out if I could remove the headlamp? Is this easily done? Or any other suggestion as to how to get behind the quarter panel?
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