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I was driving my car all was working nothing was wrong. I park the car. Then I start the car to move it about 5 feet from where it was park. I walk into my job Came out about 40 min later n when I want to start the car nothing was working. I check the fuse all are good, try to give it a jump start nothing, the light in the car work of the exterior and the radio work also without the key in the ignition, but the horn don’t work or headlight goes on, when i turn the key nothing happen no light on the dash turn on is like the car is dead. Is like the key is not responding to the car. I change the battery on the key. Key work good. Car doesn’t lock or unlock. Is like nothing is working. Please help
Fan comes on as soon as i start and when i shut the car off. It whines down then shut off. Very loud noise coming from the front by the fan. And which i think it is
My 2015 Mercedes c300 4matic warning light says put care in park and keep engine running when I get ready to drive in reverse.
My battery is good, i chsnged my starter relay and my car will light up but not start whats next
I would like to know how I would roll the car if my battery is totally dead. I keep the car in a garage with a shelf over the hood.
Its says abs and esp currently unavailable and the car makes a grinding noise a little after i pull off and it feels like the car is breaking . Why is that ?
I just purchased my pre owned Mercedes-Benz 2015 model which is driven 46000km. Today I was on highway and my I put my car on cruise control on around 115kmph. When uphill slope came it accelerated and had jerk for 3 times. And after that it was running properly. Is this really big issue ? Please give me solutions and suggestions so I can complain to Mercedes-Benz about this problem.

Thank you.
ours is blank nav doesnt work or the radio the heat and ac will show up on screen only when you change the temp
No radio no gps
I have checked all fuse pertaining to the command system and navigation. The navigation and radio are unresponsive. The radio will play, but I am unable to change the station.
you can't see how to change radio station turn on the navigator system the screen is white /blank
My MB c300 4Matic Navigation/Screen is not working properly, not showing back camera and it is frozen some times, shows different info every time.
Went for NYS Inspection for my 2010 C300 4Matic and was told my OBD was not communicating with the inspection computer. They said my OBD was not powering on...beyond that they knew of the car runs perfect.....
I had my well maintained C300 4Matic with 197000 miles (well maintained).. sitting in the garage because I bought a new car and was planning to sell it. After a month- I turn it on and the CEL light is on. Code: p0300 It was in there with minimal gas and my roommate was turning my car on every few days to move it on the drive way and back so she could workout. She told me she never saw a light until I mentioned it. Could this be because the gas turned bad and is very low? I literally just got a B service done, oil change, and spark plugs/new tires right before I left it in the garage. Trying to sell this but need to figure this out first. Any thoughts?
Changed the battery, car cranks now and radio works...but now power to the a/c or heater
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