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Shops have said compressor is working and has refregerant.

for several years the center vents puch no air.
Trunk button near power windows, the key itself, or the remote on the key, wont open trunk. Nor can I lock the doors. Works fine in the ignition to start the car.
by a reputable garage SEVERAL times over the past few years. They work for a while and then sputter and stop. This will be our 4th relay replacement. Is this normal?
My power seats and windshield washers won't work. What fuse? 2006, 280C
I hit a curb and the piece that protects the body from road dirt and water came off. It's the shape of the wheel well and made of a kind of plastic I think.
its shows engine light and we just finish rebuilding it and the engine is vibrating
1) The A/C is tripping off and on. It comes on for like 20secs and then trip off for more 4mins or longer. At the time it stops cooling, the fan blows well but not cold. What could be wrong with the A/C system?
2) There is temperature sign (like the symbol of a thermometer) that comes on intermitently. It comes on and goes like every 2mins. But the engine temperature indicator does not show any overheating. The indicator is slightly above 80deg Celsius when the thermometer sign comes on and then the temperature indicator drops slightly below 80deg Celsius when the thermometr symbol is off. I don't understand the problem that this sign represents.
3) Again the fan comes on once the car engine starts or even just when you turn the ignition. The fan blows at full speed and very noisy. Is this normal? I thought the fan is supposed to come on after some minutes of the engine running and then trips intermitently depending on engine temperature.
Please tell me what is wrong with this car as it is a fairly used car that i just bought.
Last week changed the oil and filter with mobile 1 synthetic, noticed a milky foam on cap and cleaned the cap. Today sitting at a light I saw a small amount of steam coming from the hood. I found antifreeze leaking but cant find from were. Oil cap has foam on it again. Runs great , no smoke from tail pipe.Oil on dipstick looks fresh. Im stumped. Need other ideas besides a bad head gasket or cracked head on how foam can get on that cap.Please
the sound is not constant and doesn't do it in reverse. when I turn the wheel to the left it sometimes will stop until I straighten the wheel.The car sat for a few weeks and when driven there was no noise for a few miles. Then it started and I jerked the wheel hard to the left and the noise stopped. what to do?
Was diagnosed at dealership, was told to get new one coz of age and mileage (229,000)not worth fixing it. The car really runs good except engine light sometimes come on. Thank you.
Can my head gaskets be replaced from another car or do they have to be rebuilt? ?
When I am at a stop, the car wants to stall and the lights dim. The battery light flashes on and off. Brand new battery 2 weeks ago after the mechanic ASSURED me it was not the alternator.
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