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When I Put my key in There is a click under the steering wheel But it will not turn And it will beep occasionally
It clicks under the steering wheel when I put the key in and it sometimes beeps when I put it in too
Everyone saying that mercedez is awful to fix, cause so expensive. Anyone experience this problem with their car.
i have to punch the button repeatedly before it opens or closes the door
What should my temperature gage always be at? Currently it stays at 81-82 then turn on air condition it goes up to about 88. Is this normal?
I am contemplating taking this car to the Rockies Dec-April instead of 4x4 jeep GC and am wondering if it will be OK
How do I fix this problem?
I have a 1994 Mercedes Benz c280. Sometimes engine won't turn over. Is this electrical?
also fuel injectors, 1,4
Bought this used car and have had the hood pop up on me while driving, many times now. It does not happen all the time. Yesterday I had my 74 yr. old mom with me on a trip to Miami and it happened 3 times on the expressway at 75 MPH. Now it may not happen again for days or whenever.. That is what is so scary. It seems that there is no cause for it to release, and it is being securely closed after every incident.
& Electrical socket, checked and tested all solenoids, replaced filter and fluid. Just need codes cleared. Dealer wants over $600.00 to clear faults!!! I laughed. Does anyone know where I can get a compatible Mercedes scan tool to erase codes on Transmission Control Unit. OBD II no good for this.
cost of replacing windshield wiper motor
I have a 96 c280 the instrument cluster has gone out had it fix broke again can this be a problem with fuel sending unit?

AC Compressor isn't coming on no voltage to it beforehand had it replaced along with the refrigerant temp sensor and the pressure sensor. The codes I'm receiving are: 230, 232, 233, 421, 422. Checked all fuses as well and the auto light stays on when attempting to run the ac. Could the instrument cluster cause these problems with climate control?
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