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The engine accelerates and decelerates by itself. The tr/mn is between 5-15.
The air mass is new.
This happens every time full breaks are pushed.
It takes 2-3 min when the engine is hot.
Suddenly, the doors won't unlock, the trunk remains locked, the fuel door is locked, the sun roof doesn't work, no turn signals, and no windshield wipers. The metal portion of the key gets me into the car, and the ignition works so it can be driven. The lights and AC works, but that's it. What happened, and how do I fix it?
said I have to set the code. The only thing appears on the screen now is the word WAIT. I have the code from my owners manual but I can't get the word WAIT to go away I bought this car new in 96 and there's nothing in all of my manuals that deal with this issue. Thanks.
The temp. hand inside the car stays in the middle, and raises up to 80 when the water leaks out the radiator. I believe I need a new radiator, cause I put water in my car two times a day. And my srs light is on too.
it hardly starts in the morning. the exhaust smells like roasted oil. we have changed air flow meter temperature sensor actuator and still same.I want to change the exhaust train since the catalyst is broken inside. but ive spent heavily. when it wants to start it drops its rev and goes off. when you press the trottle pedal you hear it sucking air and the car goes off. Please what do i do.The mechanics seem not to know to do
handle used about 20 times in 10 year I owned this auto
I don't have emotional ties to this car, but I don't have a lot to spend either ($5000 budget). I want something similar. Should I risk buying a used with lesser miles ($3500-$5000) not knowing the history of the car or do I replace the tranny and keep the one I have. Advise welcome
When I Put my key in There is a click under the steering wheel But it will not turn And it will beep occasionally
It clicks under the steering wheel when I put the key in and it sometimes beeps when I put it in too
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