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It happens each time I drive the car but when I stop and pack for like 20 - 30mins it picks again and after some time it won't accelerate again till I pull over again.

My vehicle is not moving, it starts well, but the accelerator pedal is not accelerating the car. I do not know where is the problem coming from; 2 mechanic checked, but were not able to find the problem

Replaced the bulbs and ordered and replaced the whole brake unit board still nothing got two tickets from the police and they tell me to fix it. Dont know where the problem it is my rear left brake light everything works on the pad or unit the one u put the bulbs in but just cant figure out the brake light.thanks

It happens on straight roads and very regularly

I have a Mercedes 2002 C240. We've had the car no more than a year and have replaced atleast 10 lamps (brake lights, head lights, fog lights, marker lamps, turning lights) Anyhow, about a month ago we were driving and we came to a red light, once the light changed we tried to accelerate but the car wouldn't accelerate. It didn't die but it wouldn't accelerate at all & on the screen it read "ESP". We didn't think too much of it because I read a little about about ESP having to do with traction, steering & etc so I thought maybe we had slid in the rain. It didn't happen anymore until Christmas Eve once and then the very next day (Christmas Day) once. Yesterday on our drive home from work it happened atleast 4-5 times in a row almost everytime we stopped completely at a red light or stop sign. This morning I drove it 25 or so miles with no problems. The most I can gather from researching this problem it is more than likely a faulty brake light switch, which makes sense that it only does it after the brake is used to stop and then to try to accelerate. Has anyone had a similar problem? If so how did you get fixed? Tafel motors is not an option. They are really expensive and we have had such bad experiences from them in the past. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Help me PLEASE. My father owns a 2002 Mercedes C240 that I drive as well. Lately when we come to a stop or even begin to slow down the car will not lose power but will not accelerate & on the screen it reads ESP. The only way to fix it is to shut the car off & back on and then its fine until the next time it occurs which has been very spontaneously; it first happened about 2 weeks ago and then didn't happen anymore until Christmas Eve once, then Christmas Day once, and then yesterday it happened almost every time we stopped which was atleast 4-5 times. I drove it about 20 miles today and it was fine. My father is very stressed because he doesn't have a lot of money but he needs his car for work. Tafel motors has always overcharged him for not so great work so they are not an option. Does anyone know what is wrong with our car? From what I've read it seems it may be a faulty brake light switch. Does anyone know where we can get it fixed that isn't going to be too expensive?

Only during the cold winter months, the 2004 C240 has a morning starting problem. It sputters during the crank. When it starts, the car runs great and no problem restarting car. Now, in the morning, I turn the ignition on and let it sit for 15+ seconds and then start the car. So far, this has helped to start the car.

My 2002 Mercedes bens c240 the light for check engine is on, I took it to the auto zone to check it on the computer but they couldn't fine the computer.

This winter my C 240 started a very slight vibration at idle or running. I changed the oil about 2,000 miles ago using Synthetic Mobile 1, 10 W 30. There is evidence of foaming on the filler cap. Could the oil be causing the vibration?
Car still runs fine.

Before changing oil transmission was working normally

It smokes heavily when runing, with very black sooty smoke coming out of the exhaust. We have changed the oil and oil filters. but no way. Whats wrong and pls help. thanks


The car battery is pretty new but it wont turn over, service b exceed messages comes on

Transmission will not shift out of 2nd gear. Gear display S/W does not indicate. ....and then all of a sudden,... Everything works

start new alternator battery is charged still getting check alternator battery