Mercedes-Benz C240 Questions

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Why is my cluster LCD screen blank
The problem occurs everytime I stop at the red light. Why does car come back on after seem like its going turn off?
Turning it off or is there a code I was not in accident
Is thete a code or a trick to it
What is the working engine temperature for c230 kompressor model
1st time. passenger side. the bulbs are good and working.
Problem just started recently. My windows won't roll down. Key won't even turn our control designated functions.
I get no warning. It could be driving fine and suddenly it shifts to a different gear.
This is the first time it has happened. My car can't start anymore.
I was told I need a new EIS sensor because the key won't turn sometimes and my door locks from key fob work only 50% of the time
I started to hear that noise from the rear of my car , I set it in jack stands and put it in gear and it sounds like if the noise is coming out from the differential,but my body says it's one drive shafts bearings I'm confused.
Have recently changed the battery, crank sensor and both upstream and downstream 02 sensors and am getting the ESP (Electronic Stabilization Program) reading. Car won't crank sometimes but will after I have let it rest for a half hour or more.
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