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leak of ATF / control module
coded for crankcase position sensor changed that happen before 6 months ago same sensor. now will no go at all.
Monday I was driving and my car started to not want to accelerate. I pulled over and it stated that the battery was bad. So when I go home (in the mountains) I changed it out with the new battery in my 2003 BMW 525I to see if this would correct the problem. The check engine and battery lights both went off and the car drove fine. Until Yesterday morning that is. I was driving and an error code of P0563 High Voltage, popped up and my car started to not want to accelerate and at one point went into limp mode. I unhooked the battery and the car shut off. That tells me that it is the alternator? BUt I just replaced the alternator 4 months ago. Is there any way that by using the battery from my BMW the voltage is out of range causing the car to act up? Or is it the alternator?
Please help me!!
I recently changed my daughter's combination switch and now it will not cancel automatically after completing a turn. I found a small brass ring on the floor before installing the new combination switch. I could not see where it could have came from. Need technical help. Thanks
sometimes when i go slow down or I stop the car, the engine
doesn't respond if I accelerate again, is like if I put the transmission in neutral or something like that. I need to turn off the engine and turn on again to continue. I think is a electric problem
First the plastic pull pulled off, then the cable core pulled out with very little force. So I cannot get to the cable where it is fastened to the latch under the hood. How do I unlatch it, short of cutting a hole in the hood.
The reason I need to get in there is the serptine belt is broke and the battery is dead. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Loren-2020
itll come on rarely but idk whats the problem?! i dont know where the fuse is to check it?
noise in the rear of the vehicle when turning or backing up and sometimes while driving
The plate number light is not functioning
after driving my car for a couple of errands that took about an hour I backed my MB into parking spot and shifted to park shut off car and removed foot from brake. as soon as I took foot off pedal car rolled. tried to start and now wont start any ideas first time happening
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