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I'm in the process of buying this car I got a really good deal on it, and so far I know it was rear ended recently the previous owner had it taken to to get the damaged body fixed but when he got it back, they started it but didnt drive it the next morning they went to go start it and it would crank but not start? We were able to start it with a can of starting fluid also and the car would start then after a short period cut back off. We went ahead an changed the fuel filer but still having the same problem ?

Replace all light bulbs still does not work

I think I know but is the coolant temperature sensor located about 4" towards passenger side along same housing as the thermostat?

When I start up the car, I can feel it jerk once put into Reverse or Drive gear. When I accelerate, it's stuck on 1st gear and the RPM is ramping up towards red line.

Driver side running light stays on after car is shut off

Car does not start. Key turns on battery and all electronics work fine. Battery has been tested and is good. Car doesn't make a sound when key is turned to start. Car wouldn't switch gears with the battery on, until the battery was disconnected for ten minutes and reconnected. Is it the Starter? Solenoid? I heard something about a neutral safety switch...

My car won't start at all and the warranty does not cover this ignition,

Get code 442 pertaining to evaporate syst but light will not reset

The problem occurs every time we put gas in the car.

but when engage in driving then stop smoking

Would this problem be the bulbs. I checked the fuses and they're OH.

Been running for 2 days after the new alternator. Fuses all ok. when I put the key (with new battery) I don't hear the sound like a zip.
Please, a little help of my friends .

Car never gets really warm anymore unless I have the defrost on in winter temps. Blows warm on driver's side. Same with the never really gets cool enough in the summer time.

Will there be any more problems


I need to repair these to pass inspection.

I must refill water in coolant resivoire regularly is it a bad thermostat, just an eroded gasket around the houseing, a temp sensor or a water pump? Help

after bringing my car to my Mechanic he check it out with his computer he said all is good .today after a long drive the info board on the dash ask me to add a 1/4 of oil , i have 109.000 no smoke or anything am i leaking oil somewhere ..