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AC stopped coling, so I tried adding coolant, but it will not take it. What could be the problem? I've replaced the compressor three times in the last two years....agh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 2004 C230 has 57,000 miles on it (Pacific Northwest)and it now needs the intake manifold gasket replaced. I don't want the dealer to do the repair for obvious reasons ($$$)...Can anyone give me a ballpark cost for a qualified mechanic to replace my gasket? The part is less than $10, so I know the cost is pretty much all labor...thanks in advance for your help...

gas gage quit

last week my car stop working. 1st - it crank but did not start. So I checked the Fuel Pump, Battery, Ignition Coils is good. I ended up replacing the Cam & Crank Shaft Sensor and still the same results...NO START. I Then replace the MAF sensor and still no start. Yesturday, I tried to start it again thinking maybe it was flooded the day before..and same result. Today I tried starting it again, now the car wont Crank & Start,cant hear the Fuel pump going, no clicking on Starter..but Battery is good...All Windows,Stereo,lights are on. I did notice burning smell right by the (MAF & Wiring Connections,Ignition) areas. I Need help!!!

anyone has some brief instructions or things to keep in mind &watch for thermostat and coolant change ?

Where is crankshaft Position Sensor located on my car? Picture Diagram if Posible. Cranks but will not start.

The Check Engine light started coming on after 5 minutes on the road. Sometimes the fuel gauge empty light starts blinking, and sometimes the dashboard 'lights on' icon is lit when the lights are not. All this just started this week.
Does this sound familiar? Looking for help.

I can't find anywere but one place online store to purchase power steering fluid.

Im having trouble removing the the rear rotor on my c230 to replace the parking brake shoe

I would just like to replace all the carpet in my car. It's dirty and would like for it to look new and clean again. I called the dealership and it's like 1,000 dollards to replace. That's exspensive

I've noticed some hot air coming from the vents and some cooling air as well. But today it just blows hot air... I'm desperate... I live in So. Florida...

I was driving and i heard a noise, then the Abs light came on and has stayed on since, is this a major concern and does it involves my breaks.

how do i adjust my hood up and down, side to side? its a new hood but the shop i had it fixed at didn't adjust it to the look that i want, so i want to adjust it myself so it could look even on both sides and also gap between hood and front bumper.

How hard/expensive to replace fuel tank and where do I
get parts? Have recently done alternator/battery, brakes
and rotors, water pump, serpentine belt AND spring perch reweld. Drives GREAT...think it might be worth one more repair...

where are the battery hold down bolts and what size socket?

the battery anchor bolt(s)is/are not visible. Is it in the center at the rear like many batteries? Also what is the size of the bolt so I at least have the right size to bang around with?

This morning when I got in the car it shows a front passenger seat lock malfunction and indeed, the power seat does not move. I cannot find anything in the owner's manual aboutit.

My car has a fault code for CAN Communication, then ABS light on, what should I do

how expensive to change them

seems like it's trying to choke off, stuttering. Have changed plugs and wiring. What might be other problems causing this?

shake and shutters shuts off

My car stopped running last December 27, 2010, after the mechanic added oil, started to shake after 3 weeks and now it is completely disabled and I am still comparing the estimate cost.

car was stalling on me so I changed fuel filter and the car still stalled so I changed the fuel pump. I unplugged the battery to do this and now I have no power whn I turn on the ignition

My AC comesw on for about 5 minutes blows cold then goes hot. I replaced the compressor, expansion valve , drier reciever, leak checked, and serviced the system and the problem is still there.

The control unit is dead and have got a new one. How do i get it programmed to fit

Showing an ESP sign each time you start a car. and there is high consumption of water/coolant have to refill every two days. cylinder head gasket and timing chain replaced.

mixture problem witj gas ans oxygen

system to lean bank1

What is the common cause for my car to go into the limp mode?

the windshield washer motor stop working intermitently after using it often(not all the time);after stopping the car few minutes(shut down the engine ) it is working again