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I checked for leaks on the ground and there weren't any. The smell gets so intense that I have to turn my heat off completely and open car windows to rid the smell. Upon my visual inspection under the hood,I noted some liquid on what appears to be the exhaust intake? What could be the cause/part needing replacement and costs associated with this repair? Please advise and thank you in advance.
Does my car have an egr?
Some idiot has broken the knobs off the old unit so badly that new knobs will not repair the problem.
I have purchased a replacement module (used).
I need R&R instructions. This is a coupe.
Also have a Driver power door lock problem. Knob rattles and spins when pressing remote lock, but will not lock.
I just got code p0015 this morning (12/07/14). It read: "B Camshaft Position Timing Over-Retarded? Bank 1. I just want to know if this is a Mercedes recall.
The blower works when in defrost setting, but not when I direct the air flow to the floor. The heat comes out of the vents near the windshield, but nowhere else.
I have a 1966 MB 600 with transmission problems ( no reverse and jumps into gear and out or gear. The shifter also is loose . Can you help , please email to
Car is well maintained.
Use to open just fine with remote and the key, now the remote would wont work but still locks and unlocks all doors, panic button works. I have tried to open with key but wont even open.
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