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I have an error code P0172 on a Mercedes C230 2005,
When the engine is hot and the car is restarted sputtering happens in the engine and rough idle for about 30 sec to 1 min then the engine runs OK,
The problem is only when HOT.
A new Fuel filter + the vacuum hoses (2 hoses) + new thermostat was installed.

The car on the highway when trying to accelerate seems not to accelerate. I put my feet down and the car speed doesn't increase much till you give it kick down, other then that the car runs well no shaking, stable rpm, stable temperature, only transmission jerks when shifting gear 1, the rest are smooth and ok.

Please can you give me your assessment because I have been getting different opinions and becoming desperate about the issue.
don't have key to door locks.
it started when battery&alternator light came on.bought new battery wasn't that.bought new alternator and car worked for three weeks then battery$alternator light came on again. had diagnosed and came up alternator was not working.alternator was under warranty got new one.had a mechanic put new alternator on and he didn't put timing belt on correctly.he tried to start it and it tried to turnover then it shut off and i saw a little smoke come from under hood.i smelled a burnt smell and car would turnover at all.checked all fuses and replaced starer relay.still nothing.mechanic stated that nothing that he did caused this but that maybe the starter burned out.bought new starter and got new mechanic.put new starter on and still no engine mechanic stated that starter was not getting he jumped car to bypass starter and engine turned over but shut right what?
I just replaced my battery and now the car won't even come on. It has electronic key. I checked fuses, lights, doors, alarm works but horn is not. Please help.
A few weeks ago, my car started being jumpy and cutting off and now the sound of the engine is very different. It jerks ans misfires when i start it and it often misfires. My mechanic thinks it's a cam sensor problem but a few people have told me that the engine is busted.
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