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It reverses just fine but in drive it has a harder time and I feel like the gears are not grabbing.
I have to rev the engine pretty high for it to finally move then when it does it feels like its dragging.
I have a leak somewhere at the back of the motor it runs down the side of the bellhousing it's coolant but I can't see where it's from.

Does anyone know how to fix it or how much it costs? Thanks
front an do the front of the compressor turn.
when I tried starting it would not pick up, why?
1995 model benz c200 can start but cutting off
The sensor was reading it was overheating and the ca was cool to touch for over a month. Suddenly, the boiling is heard very shortly after starting the car. Strong smells of anti-freeze and white smoke coming from the right side near the wind-shield. This is no where near the water PumP, thermostat, or radiator. Its closer to the reserve. Dont see any aPParent leakage. What could this be? The hood is still cool to touch!
Blower motor was making a whistling noise and it has stopped working. Mechanic said I need to replace both the motor and the resister. He was able to by pass something and make the blower works and blow low heat. Why would I need a new blower if its still blower air? I can understand replacing the resister. Can you clarify for the blower motor?
oil water mix overheating
The air blows out cold when the heat is on and it does not blow out strong
can't open the trunk.
Does the system need bleeding if so where from thanks woody
the horn blows when i squeeze the stering wheel. the lights come on if I dont line the light switch up just right.
I have a 1995 Mercedes Benz C220 with 80,000 miles. The check engine light is always on for a transmission down shift cable issue. The issue is my car's transmission does not shift smoothly from low to high gears but after a quick accelerated start the car drives smoothly but the engine light always stays on. This all happened when the old worn out transmission down shift cable was replaced with a new one which has been checked again when this problem surfaced. How can I get the problem resolved? Appreciate your help as I have spent enough to try to get this problem fixed.
tried to recharge system however still wont engage
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