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Sometimes when I start the car all the instructment cluster work and then they will just stop working
When it is cold and im driving, the car makes a noise (similar to a bearing noise) when i back off the gas pedal. It stops when i push the gas again. when it is warm (over 30-40 degrees F) it does not do it and it seems once the car is warmed up it stops. any ideas of what the issue is. I changed the front wheel bearings thinking that was the issue. The Car had sat for 9 months to a year when i got it it runs and drives great just this one thing that drives me crazy.

thanks for your help.
Just changed radiator and spayed engine with hose to clean up.Suspect that i screwed up the crank sensor but just not sure.
Ok so if i turn my heat on i hear a noise under the pass side however no heat blows out unless im driving and i presume thatas the hear coming off of the engine. I bought a new blower motor but i want to ensure thats the issue. Also if anyone has any instructions on how to install i was told it was fairly easy.

ok next thing my gas needle does not work all the time.
the cruise control dosent work anymore

lastly what type of oil do i put in it. i actually went to the dealer and they said 10w30 during the winter becasue its not as thick.. however, they couldnt tell me for sure.

any assistance is appreciated
I have replaced the radiator and had flushed twice but the same result. The car is not overheating, there is no white smoke coming from tail pipe and my engine oil dip stick is clean. I have been told its not the trans cooler. The last mechanic said it might be coming from the timing cover and will need to be reseal but at the cost of $2400.00 but cant confirm it will solve my issue. The car is not worth that much although its in excellent condition. Could you please advise on what the issue might be? I don't think its the gasket.
Shop says not fuel vent. May be electrical. Low voltage???
I have a new compressor ready to go in, but I was curious to see if it was something more simple wrong before I install it. The system is completely charged but the AC clutch will not engage. I put a gauge on the low pressure side and it pegged the needle past the red zone side. Could it be a bad clutch or a relay or something else. Please advise. Thanks for your your help.
Hello. Again, I have a 1996 mercedes benz C220. It has 250,000 miles on it. And its fan belt keeps coming off. I thought it might have been the belt; so I purchased a new one. And then I put it back on; but it came off again within few seconds. Can someone tell me how I can fix this? Please? Thank you very much.
Catalyst, egr and 2nd air are the 3 test the computers not performing, on a 1996 there can only be 2. Ive tried the drive cycle a couple times but its still not passing.i need to smog vehicle. What can I do?
It starts up just fine and the fuel filter was recently replaced as well as wires and plugs are on their way to getting replaced.
Shifting appears normal for first and second gear, except it occurs somewhat faster than desired. But in going into third gear, engine revs up and transmission slips before engaging the gear. Third to fourth shift appears normal. Error Code P1700 is shown on diag read-out. What is our best solution to eliminate this ? The only way to avoid this when driving is to release the throttle pressure when second gear has shifted to allow third to "drop into place".
Coolant light intermittently comes on, added more coolant and water and drove for about 3 months when light came on again. Refilled but this time I notice slow water leakage. Car wouldn't start next day then started a few days later. Notice water leaks only after car is driven. Stopped driving it for now.
temp gauge shows normal temp 60%, pegs out in red or a little below 120c 40% of running time. When 120c or in red, front 2 fans run and a/c temp gets warm, but motor temp shoes normal with laser temp gauge. Have replaced 2 temp sensors and related parts. I think there is a short between gauge and sensor. No rime or reason to when it acts up, cold- hot - wet - dry, etc. help
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