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My Mercedes c300 4matic has defective rotors. I have 45k miles and every service was done through the dealer. The front end shutters when breaking at high speeds (over 50mph). The brake pads are hardly worn. There was one other time I heard about this happening and it was with a ford, but they said it was defective since the brake pads were not worn.
car is slk 200 2003. This is a common problem, as switch is expensive and is attached to fuse box.
91 Mercedes-Benz 300e
Ft Pounds on the 4 bolts on shaft
Got in the car. The steering wheel did drop down to the level of tilt I had it set at. Actuating the little level didn't work. In and out for column works. The tilt does not.
Turn signals don't work
Checked voltage on borh bateries getting 12.59 to 13+
interior wood strips coming loose on dash, doors and in rear seating. issue does not include areas where power seats and locks are controlled. MB says ongoing problem with MB convertibles in southern states but not willing to fix it
When turn on ac, its wind shield becomes foggy,
The top isn't closing
there is 3 light in the front the smallest one on the left side won't turn off
Scanned with my OBD 2 and P0128 came up- Added coolant to changes. Any suggestions?
Cannot remember how to open key fob
How could this have possibly caused a problem with TCU? Is it SW got corrupted or is it mechanical? Is it the TCU. that's what all the codes are pointing to.
In reading your site, I've seen multiple similar complaints about this type of transmission failure. Why hasn't MB done a recall?
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