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I want to change the light assembly it was busted somehow!

Te engine light is on. One shop said I need to replace MAF censors (two units) while the scanner in the other shop says only left sensor, Component B2/6 Left hot film mass air flow sensor is bad? Are they talking about the same thing? Also, Exhaust gas recirculation control code came on. Is this because the MAF is bad, or it's a separate issue? Someone help me. I spent way too much money in the past year on this car. I can't afford getting ripped off.

I was under the impression there are 3 motor mounts or are there 4 ?

If rear mounts need to be replaced whats the labor hours required to do job ?

The main battery was replaced 3 years ago, could it be the small battery beside it?

this causes no power to fuses 1, a, g, and h so my power windows, sliding roof, wipers don't work.

The passenger mirror assembly is broken

Have power ( checked battery it's good)

ac heater vent stuck

I replaced rear pads and then lights came on after I started down road. Rechecked back pads and everything seems fine.

rear power windows are not working and there seems to be no power getting to the trunk fuse box

What is the difference between service A\B. It wines. From the rear end does this mean it
Needs to be gresed

After changing battery in SMART Key, I cannot touch lock and unlock the car.

I reset before. Worked for 10 miles than downshifted. Now stuck in 1st

Service indicator lights keep coming up on dashboard and have no idea what they mean. Ex: a3 - 25 days, a3 10 days etc. Also a25.
How do I find meaning for codes? Is it oil change, standard service, etc.

They replaced the soft top. Did the person who did the work disconnect anything. My SRS light stays on.

It happened while driving at a speed of 50 miles/ hour

the headlights were working and now they are not the drivers side went first and then the passenger side

On SUV a upper arrow saying malfunction gl450 magic 2008

Hours after I came home, my car has a loud horn like sound coming from under the hood. Theres a big black ball looking thing on the right hand side close to the dashboard that stops the noise when pressed in. What is this and how do we shut it off?

At startup the display always shows the miles and total mileage used which is fine but I would manually change it to mph settings. I'm used to that settings. My Porsche display was changed to that setting and I don't have to change it every time I start my car. With the Mercedes, I have to change it every morning. Is there a way to change it and keep it at that setting?

i replaced the battery and the pump will not engage

I would like to know how to fix it, where c an I order parts? what does it cost for fix that problem?

On the chassis is there a lift pump in the tank?

Happens when going up hill. Could it be related to seat belt motor?? Have had under carriage of car checked numerous times and nothing found.
Thank you

My ac fan not COMING on IS it a fuse?

then restarts no problem

will start but wont run

i need now how i need to pay for labor

my car was rear ended and a few weeks later the car went haywire , shut down and the back passenger window caught a fire

No garage floor drips apparent