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Problem is intermittent. I installed a new battery afterwards and problems are the same. Sometimes everything works, then none of them work. Windshield wipers and turn signals also don't work.

You gently give it a push to complete the down cycle

When travelling at higher speed or turning while accelerating, I have been feeling three short vibration bursts through the steering wheel - can someone explain it to me?

I need a picture of the throttle diagram I'm missing a spring

Car is hot stop, 1.5 Hr later car won't start. Next day starter cranks over and keeps turning over. I must turn key off. I repeat above car won't start.

What does the code 77d mean ??

I tried to wiggle it and still won't unlock.

We're looking at motorhomes and the MB Diesel. This engine is really taking a beating over EGR-DEF issues and MB response (I've been through issues like this with the corp end of car companies. I feel the pain of people having to deal with these problems. I don't care what you pay for your companys on the corp level are all the same). So, did MB ever REALLY fix this issue?? Thanks,

Fault in communication with the vehicle ECU

does this model have one or two batteries? If it has two, where is the Main Battery located

I have a small leak amd can't figure out how to get behind the engine and firewal.

This has been an on going problem for a couple of years, I've replaced the ICM numerous times, along with trottle body and it reapears after a hefty bill at the repair shop, now my mechanic informs me that it won't communicate with his scanners..I'm at a complete loss, any help will be Greatly Appreciated, Thanks Russell

Clusters on dash board not moving when you excelerate.Some say carbonaters need synchronizing there are 2 of them in my car.1993 V12 mercedes benz 600sl.Could that possibly. be the problem? Changed all fuses.

First leak is moderate to heavy, 2nd light to moderate. Received repair estimate for $2550. Received recom to monitor leaks and fluids for now, perhaps repair later. Is this worth a repair considering car mileage and age? Car is well maintained and in general very good condition. Is there an economy repair option?

I called dealership and got the code for the radio.I then had to unhook the radio and hook it back up to enter the code.We then had to put a fuse in also.Ever since we got radio working the alarm has been going off.So we unhooked the wire so the beeping would stop but now the alarms lights continue to blink even when going down the road.They will stop for a min then start back up.Please help


How to lower the rear head rests.

The steering does not move

slowing down to turn, or stop, engine seems like car has died---hitting gas peddle hard make car go forward again

Windshield wipers don't work at all..just stopped

When I start my car in the morning and just start driving it, I hear a very loud sound when turing the steering. Its even more when turned to extreme. However, if I first let the car idle for 10 mins or so, the noice never comes up. Any ideas anyone

Due to high mileage, and still intending to keep the car, was contemplating replacing with smaller engine with much lower mileage. do you advise? Car is Executive Edition with excellent body/exterior.But front struts are worn ans the climate control needs work.

I took the car to Burke Center Exxon, who have always provided reasonably priced and competent service to me. They charged the compressor, but found no electrical power going to compressor. Fuse and relay checked out. Any ideas? Will a non-Mercedes shop be able to read Mercedes computer codes? Thank you.

The blinkers ,seats and basically everything electrical stopped working

Is been sitting up ... for 6 months ...

how much my cost if i want to change

I would like to change my tail lights to the 2009 or the 2010 model lights. I also would like to change the front bumper, or can I just change the fog light set up?

Starts out fine drive it a few miles then it just stops moving while in gear. Fluid level is fine. Let it cool down and will go again

I had a passenger in my car and oil dripped 4-5 drops down on her. I then noticed a some oil on part of the window. oil looked and smelled like motor oil.