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Car running ruff starring seems out or hard turning
On the dash board it keeps saying "Brake Lining Wear". The car doesn't make any noise, the breaks don't squeak when stopping, and the car drives fine. My driveway is a hill and as I'm backing out sometimes I hear a click but that's all. So I'm trying to figure out if it may be sensors or is there a real problem?
On the dash board it keeps saying " brake lining wear". But I don't hear any noise, the car drives fine, but my driveway is a hill and when I back out it hear a click sometimes but other than that I haven't had any problems or heard any noise. So what would that "brake lining wear " mean?
Mercedes E320 2001 all gears work when I first started the car then when I come to a complete stop everything disengage when in drive no gears work have to restart and I hear a spinning sound when in driving
It is a small round yellow light and it comes on, dims, goes off and repeats depending on my acceleration. I just had new front tires put on, would that cause something/
First time
The windows went wild started going up and down on their own and now do not work and the turn signals quit at the same time. What is wrong ??
It will try to open & immediately closes back. Could it be the cable that connects to the acurator has stretched?
it cranks and idles snoothy but will not take gas if Ipush the gas pedal it will spit and spudder sometimes it will die eventually it will start taking gas and finally will run when you mash the gas pedal where it can be drive down the riad
I have my 94 Mercedes c220. When I press the climate buttons no air or anything comes out of the vents. No heat no air at all. What should I do to get this fixed ASAP? The heat and air were coming out before I parked it a while ago. It has been sitting for over 8 months
As the outside air temperature reaches freezing the alarm on the vehicle activates. We use the key fob to silence the alarm from inside the house. there is no problem when the vehicle is in our heated garage. There has been no problem in previous winters. Lately, freezing temperature has occurred around
5:30 AM.
I can neither lock not unlock the car using the autolock sequence inside the car or using the controller fob.
After replacing the battery car has no power and won't start
2008 Mercedes Benz E350 4Matic
instrument panel acting erratically. The lights all work but sometimes the gauges stop working (fuel, water, battery, oil, odometer and speedometer), then will come back on.
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