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changed the battery and it starts up then it shuts off. I had the scanner put on but no codes on it.

key remote sends signal, but no signal coming from das/rf module to pse pump.

I opened the cap and the float was right there. I added just a little coolant, about a cup. it has been fine since.
Why would it come on when the thing is almost full already.

I noticed I was nodfing out omw home from bay area and could smell gas fumes then one day while pumping I noticed about a half gallon had leaked out from under passenger side rear. Just purchased it about a month before leak began.

Check engine light on due to code for intake problem. Just curious if my mechanic is giving a good price.

The back seam on the canvas top is glued according to MB dealer. They claim it needs to be replaced and cannot be reg lied.

Oh dear Casey, You are in the UK?

I think you got my message wrong. The car has a left steering wheel to drive on the right side of the road!

Oh dear, how can I navigate in a menu that is in Japanese and translate that. The only way if you mean put it down in English and look into the menu to compare. That I can do, huh, time consuming though. Some mechanic told me there is a program to set it in English from a computer.

I have just replaced the cooling fan assembly. But it is a small sensor to “temper stat” (do not know how to call it)
That need replace but where do I find out the number of this part. But now I read you say that the S320 did not use the cooling fan ? Except when the airconditioner is on. That is what is happening. So that is normal.

I think the car is a special edition K50 Lorinser and was launched in November.

I took the car in to get the alternator changed out after getting a diagnostic on the battery and the alternator which stated no power from the alternator. The battery was fine after recharging. After they installed it, all of a sudden the starter is not working anymore.

I have bought a second hand car from Japan, I guess it is a very special addition. MB 1999/11, Left steering, Chasis - WBD220065-1A060440 engine size 3190cc. Automatic. It is a beauty but some issues, how do I find out what to ask for:
1. Temperstaat sensor that is not working I have to ride always with the acc on for fan to work.
2. A dianostic program. Can that be downloaded? Which, what and where?
3. It is all in Japanese where can I get a program to decode language and change to English.
4 Where can I get a owners manual for this car in English?
Most Appreciated I am located in Aruba.
Thank you

start key do not turn

Intermittent starting, from opening the door with the key, that turned off the alarm, to starting the car intermittently, i suspect a problem with the immobilizer. Where could i fine a immobilizer switch

Has new battery and fuel pressure and fuses relays are ok just won't stay running what could it be

The diagnostics shows that the cats are blocked so the engine light stays on,but car is running fine.
Garages tells me the only why is to leaf it in and to remap the computer so the computer dos not pic up the cat sensors
Any advice??

convertible hard top is stuck in trunk

Seems to get louder when accelerating

I own an 06 C230, bought it used and it's been an awesome car. Door handles, who cares, great car for what I paid 2 years ago with 60k on it. I have a friend with an 07 and he's been plagued with expensive problems, mainly because he tries to work on it himself, then he's calling to get it in my shop. Let's use this common sense, it's a luxury car no matter what, you have to treat it as such, pampered at times, driven hard others. But above all else, TAKE CARE OF IT!!! Cheap begets trouble with maint and parts, if you aren't ready for the expense of a repair, maybe it's not the right car for you. Yet again, I'm not out a single repair in 2 years, I changed the brakes because I wanted to, yes I upgraded from the factory pads, and yes it gets rotors every time, a nice oil service with euro 5w40 synthetic every 4-5k.. this is what we signed up for, and if it breaks well... you have to pay to play. Besides the other German cars really like attention too often, dog your C and so will it. It's worth the investment to buy to good parts and have someone that understands the vehicle working on it. The techs here are trying to help, you're giving them nothing to go off of and some of these comments tell me that you should DEFINATELY NOT own a car like this, and most certainly not try to work on it. No picking, just saying.. you bought a Benz, suck it up, and find a shop you trust or someone you trust that won't walk you through a valley of lies because you have a hood ornament. That's what I do for my customers, and that's why I love this car, it's a love affair, it's family, and yet it's still a car. Enjoy your silver star, but treat her right, she'll return the favor.

head rest moves fine,

My a/c isnot blowing cold...i. Checked to see if freon needed to be added an it was full..

had problem with shutting off and hard to crank,but will start up after rapidly petting gas paddle,but will stop again.i have replace both fuel pumps and new filter.the problem is still there,mostly when it has ran for a while and the engine is warm up!

Just appeared last night

Need to know how to open my trunk of 2007 Mercedes c230 with no keys

The battery is dead. Trunk will not open and the keys are locked in the trunk.

I just replace A/C climate control until, no change. I was thinking heater control value dirty or needs replacing, or monovalue. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Which water tube should be removed to exceeded water

If car is cold you drive down the road then the transmission stops working no gear's and you hear a whistling sound

A/C is blowing, but not cold. I checked freon already and its fine. What else can be the problem? Thx

Ayer car heats up and idles I hear a tapping /?ticking from engine. Cost of repair? Must it be repaired? Danger of ignoring?

The convertible top will not let down

the car lights will also come on even when the car is turned off and the lights are turned off

while i was in motion,i notice that the warning sign just came up in my dutch broad