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I had a small leak under my car and now the car hover heats and the water bubbled in the resivor, do I have a blown head gasket or a cracked block. I took it to a shop and the man drove it again until it got hot and he forced it to start then parked it, it was like he was trying to do more damage, no water in oil at this point. S & S Equipment McQueeny,Tx drove it and ran it hot after I took it to him on a trailer

soft top does not open. Replaced switch control modual was

Every once in awhile, when I am driving and turn on the blinkers, the dash acts like I just turned the key off and then right back on....The car runs fine during this...It's crazy... Any thoughts? This sometimes happens when I turn on the lights as well... Thanks for your time..

When I push the key fob to lock the car... I can hear the noise like it's trying to lock everything but it doesn't lock. Any thoughts?

There is a leak that has not been able to be replicated by spraying around seals. However after heavy rains, water accumulates. What are the possible issues? The car radio has shorted out the amp fuse.

Where is the oil filter located

this car is actually a 1984 380SL . It only blows cold air and no warm or hot air at all, even in the heat position. I wonder if the diverter door is stuck.....or..... any help out there? Just purchased this vehicle and ordered the Owner's Manual.

I have a 1993 300SL that has just developed this awful loud noise when I turn the steering wheel in either direction. I checked the power steering fluid and it is full. The noise appears to be coming from under the car, near the trans. Any ideas? Please help.

I let the battery die and cant get at it cause the battery is in the trunk and it wont unlock cause of power locks

My tranny is leaking.How do I change the transmission filter

Could someone please tell me where the fuel filter for a 1992 300SL Mercedes is located.Please be specific because I know very little about engines, Thanks

The hard top will not release at the windshield. Any ideas

please help me locate bolt pattern and waht has to be removed just to remove water pump

can any other model mercedes cylinder heads be used on my 1992 mercedes 300sl?

car is 1983 380 sl starts up and kinda idles with a little missing

I Would like the radio wiring diagram for a 300sl 1992 mercedes so i can hook up a aftermarket radio. I need to know the wiring color diagram because i cant get my hands on a harness for this year

i owne a 92 300sl, the car cranks very strong, but it doesn't want to start. i know it can be saveral things, but i would like to start withthe least expensive. also does anybody carry a services manual for sale like in autozone,napa,etc. on this vehicule?

where are the spark plugs and wires located on a 1992 300 sl