Mercedes-Benz 300E 4MATIC Questions

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Said car is lying idle in the garage? Afraid to use it. Was thinking of self "do it your self". Here, actually the model is a 1999 MB 240E Automatic.
Does this sound correct? Can anyone clarify/elaborate regarding this matter? It happened after a local repair shop gave me a tune-up. When asked why my car was now sitting and riding this way, the mechanic became hostile and refused to answer. Later another mechanic looked at my car and told me this part was missing but should not be able to just fall off, so someone removed it. What part was he referring to? Help, please!
Beautiful car and great mechanic but doesn't do rebuilds of these units. Car runs beautifully as a rear wheel drive
The replacement had a hood go over the keyhole and it won't come off. can't get switch out?
After filling with trans fluid, I start engine, begin to drive and notice a great deal of smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes. After 10 minutes of the burning smoke, I turn the engine off and measure the transmission dipstick. It measures empty. This problem has been happening with regularity.
I have a 1992 300e 4Matic and when the blinking red light comes on the air circulations button it cuts off the heat and cuts the engine off when come to a stop. What could be the problem. Please help. Thanks, Rith.
Gage temperature suppose to be before it starts overheatin
wondering is a 4matic torque converter compatible with reg converter for mercedes 300e
how to drain transmission fluid for a 1991 300e 4matic Mercedes Benz. If i have to much fluid in it can this cause belt not to turn??
have taken car back to shop about 10 times they keep putting new clamps on muffler but it will only hold it up for a short time i think its the wrong muffler but they say not
It has a switch in the engine compartment that is labeled 1 and 2, and the 4matic light on the dashboard is on. I have tried both positions with no changes on the engine compartment switch. It was this way when I bought it but did not know there was a problem until the first snowfall when I could not get out of my driveway :(
I cannot seem to figure out the path to re-intall belt.
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