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The hose has just come apart in the feral crimp. Could this be a pressure spike in the system

i service my vehicle 8 month bach on a 30000 miles /b service , when should i servive the vehicle for 40k mile

last time i did my 30000 my service 8 month ago when is my service due for 40000 miles

Every time I start my car and drive, the warning sign "battery/alternator" pops up. What is that mean? My car looses power after it's driven for a while. Please help!!!!

my vehicle reach 38000 miles . when should i take my vehicle for service

Checked fuel lines, car was getting gas. Checked battery and had corrosion.

find the car move funny , it drive put its moves very uncomfortable it you know what i mean

Air temp is fine,compressor pulley seems to be getting louder

Went out this morning to car making horn type squeal under the hood (car was off) door locks don't work, gauges don't work, no signal lights - started car and after running 10 minutes noise stopped - is there something that needs to be reset after replacing the dead battery

the warning throttle image is lit up on my dashboard. I have not noticed any difference in the performance of the vehicle. Just need to know what part of the vehicle is considered defective when that warning appears.

This is a 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz auto

I left the keys on the "on" position overnight and this morning I noticed the battery was dead so I went to charge it and that when I realized the keys were in the "on" postition because as I connected the terminals the lights were flickering. So I took the keys out and I let the battery charge for a couple of hours and now when I go to turn on the engine the starter doesn't engage the relays work and the fuse is not blown. I really don't know what is wrong. The lights and everything works except when I try to turn it over the starter doesn't engage

also where is my yaw rate sensor in my 1998 ml320 ?

I had opened my sunroof & now I can't get it opened. Water is dropping in but not much water.

The singer name, album name, and song name will display on the screen for about 30 seconds and will not stay on afterward.

and lock it with the remote

Why does. customer have to pay out of pocket for repair to eliminate musty odor smell each time car is turned on? Common complaint. Has there been a recall for this foul odor?

Running lights work but rear brake lights don't

The driver side lock does not unlock, it makes a clicking noise and sometime the top goes down

Took in for service on May 17 2017 and dealer is saying I need to replace transmission mount not knowing I did in 10/2012. My car is in excellent condition.

This happens about every 3rd to 4th time i get in my car.

What pressure should be on struts?

Just put a new fuel pump on after it sat for 3 weeks. It won't start, the fuel filter has never acted up before, no rough idle or anything. Can't get the fuel up to the fuel rail on the motor.

When I turn the ignition on and put it in drive it jerks like it's out of control. Then it sounds as though it's straining when I started driving. The check engine light is on. And when I went to put it in reverse I couldn't put it in reverse. Your thoughts please

Car is smoking out of exhaust pipe check engine light is on and the engine is ticking like a little knocking sound... doesn't have my speed anymore and I need my car back!! HELP, mechanics this far north don't know what to do but I can transport south...

Problem just started and check engine light blinking, won't go over 10 rpm.

Arriving at my home I could turn off the engine and the radio and windows won't work.

i have a 2002 cl600, v12, im trying to figure out a not starting issue. a day ago i was driving the car, nothing crazy, threw a check engine light on, i went to a local area got the auto scanned and found out its just a misfire, i figured id set a appointment and come back, as i went to leave, the temp gauge just dropped to zero, the car just shut it self off and that was it. now no longer wants to start, the car was not on hot, nor did it over heat, full of coolant, the fan spins really fast once i turn the key to start the car, but shows no signs of wanting to start. please help. im leaning first to fuses, relays. hoping its not ecu/ecm.

this has never happened before, car has always ran great.

Worked great for years. Suddenly will not start. Replaced w 25 amp fuse. Runs for a while the problem recurs. Maint shop placed a fuse that can reset itself in the 23 slot. Van works reat but on occasion have to retry a start to get the van going. The electrical system seems a little off once this fuse reboot initiated. Concerned may fry electrical system.

I'm getting a code flashing on the dash