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What can I check next to get spark?

all ready remove valve cover distributor cap and rad fr car i can see marks on camshaft timing chain gear crankshaft set to, #0 tdc # 1 piston at tdc looks good but crankshaft moves 1/4 inch or more before camshaft do is this ok how mush movement should we have

ignition stuck several times, no longer will move out of lockled position, key easily removed from ignition, I have tried to move the steering wheel, it is also locked.

whines when driving and three of the electric windows don't work

seems worse when cold

Im a diy. Would like imformation on all relays and location of motor mounts.

i was told that when smogging mbz the car cant be put on racks. i lost my car for 7 months last time i had smog. Scared have you heard of this. My transmission would not move from 1st gear

1992 Mercedes 190E 4 cylinder

The lock tumbler on the driver's side turns with the key and does not open the door. The lock on the passenger's side works fine. Both the steering wheel and ignition are frozen; the wheel won't turn and the ignition key won't turn. The car has a brand new Die Hard battery and there has not been a problem starting it until now.

MY 1988 Mercedes W124 190E is having an air-conditioner's compressor problem. The compressor first shuted off itself, after I ran over a pool of street water on the road, and the water splashed over near the A/C condensor or so. But after shuted the engine off, and restarted, the A/C compressor and A/C worked normal again. Now, the compressor will shut off itself during some normal drivings with no street water splashing!! After restarted the engine, it works again as well.

Your prompt response will be appreciated, since it is getting hot out there!

My mercedes 1988 260E 8valves engine, has a rough cold start in the morning, engine will rattle, but once it warms up, the engine runs okay. what would be possible problems?

thank you for your advice!

My 1988 260E Mercedes is making ticking noises so I had her valve lifters replaced. The mechanics also said there were no engine oil in them, so he quickly cleaned up the oil pipes. But I still can hear the ticking noises.
Please help.

The mechanics also said that one of the camshaft lobes is scratched, could it be causing the ticking noise now? Thanks!

I am having trouble getting the bolt out and not sure what kind of threads I am working with. Don't want to damage the bolt or the crank shaft. Advise left or right? Thank you

I found the compartment n the trunk but. What do I use the 16mm socket to turn?

Old hydrolyic valve lifters making moises, so I have them replaced with new lifters, but still making noises.
So I have the new ones checked if there is oil in the lifters. There is no significant oil in them. I believe the lifters' oil supplies pipes and so on, need to be clean/cleared up for oil to flow better. I'd appreciate any recommendations for solvent or liquid solution used and methods!. Note the oil pump is working fine, with enough oil pressure.

Thank you.

My 190E has always had problems but not like this one! While my car was in idle, the Airbag light came on for no reason at all. I looked in the manual and it says nothing about it. Can you help? Thanks!

I replaced booster and mastercylinder. All 5 brake lines and calipers. System has presure until I start engine and then no brakes and pedal drops to floor?

I checked the window motors and so as the regulators. I strongly agree that the problem might be electrical.

how can that be fixed what to i need to get

Replaced fuel pumps and filter also was using Lucas fuel injector cleaner aand the car was running fine. Now that I have run out it cuts off when I try to take off or switch from like reverse to drive

Automobile suddenly quit. I checked fuel-line for blockage but OK; car is getting spark - will crank over for about 500 revolutions, but will not start.

Bought car a few months ago. Ran o.k. and passsed inspection....has 162,000 miles. Noticed a small coolant leak that was dripping from the drivers side corner of the radiator. It was apparrent the source was in another location after experiening a much larger leak in the area under the waterpump. I refilled the radiator 3 times and still couldn't pinpoint the exact location of the leak. The car did overheat, and I am praying that the head gasket will hold out. A couple of people that know more about repairs than I do, both agreed that the w/p is the culprit if you cannot locate the source of the leak, b/c the fluid will be coming from the weep hole. When removing the top hose, the PLASTIC radiator nipple broke off in the hose so I was going to put in new pump, radiator, and all hoses while I am at it. Another mechanic I talked to said it might be a freeze plug that let go. That would make sense, if there is a plug behind the w/p on the block, cause that's the general area where the coolant appeared to coming from. I can only see 1 plug on the intake side of the block, as everything else is blocked from view by manifold etc. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated. I was having a hard time getting the w/p bolts removed and heard that there are special modified tools required to do this job. I purchased some wobble ratchet extensions, hoping that will get me the proper angle to remove the bolts. This is a great car and I miss driving her already. Thanks.

in the coolant pump, there is a run-off hose that continually drips coolant.why?
is there a problem with my thermostat? i recently changed the thermostat-housing because of a crack. do i need a gasket in there too for a vacuum seal or something? HELP

car starts but has no power and will just move slow like an oxygen sensor out or injectors are bad . just got car and know nothing about it. car has not been driver for 2 years.where do i start

Car is not starting, may be the timing belt but need a diagram to locate it.

had car at dealer, fixed vacume leak last wk. light off for about 3 days then back on ?

wanna be as profesional and clean as possible

I own a 1993 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.6. Its a wonderful smooth riding car but it has difficulty starting in the cold. I assume its the cold start vavle but i have never seen one or know how to replace it. It would be nice if i can get some advice on this subject.

please reply ASAP, its Summertime