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At my wits end. Have replaced the obvious suspects, plugs, air filter, cat etc. and even the IACV to no avail. Want to fix problem, not just throw money at it and am currently about $60 from my waiver. Please help!!
When I shift from first to second it makes a clucking sound and sometimes when I am on the freeway sometimes I loose power also when I try to shift into reverse it just free revs
THERE IS NOTHING ON THE INTERNET to go by and local mechanics have not worked on one as old as mine?!?
how can i instal a compressor from c220 or other mercedes engines??? for more power?

Generally the car starts fine, drive 5 to 10 miles , press the accelerator and there is no response from the engine, Engine hesitates - will occasionally give a slight backfire ( coming from Air intake ? ). Press accelerator to the floor and the situation seems to work itself out after a mile or two.
Bought the car 6 monts ago with 51,000 miles - car is in like new condition.
One lady owner.
My 4-cylinder with non-electrical fuel injection, Benz engine starts to stall when rev it up after first start up in the morning; the engine starts up oaky, ideling may be a bit rough. But it works okay after warm up to normal operatinal temperature. what can be the causes? thanks
I am not getting spark from coil. What do I need to do to check if it is the coil or something else
Also when i am turning a corner it makes a sound like a rusted door was being open
Changed the plugs and wires due to skip this fixed it but VERY hard too start cold. This problem happens all the time
Person who did smog test told me to put guaranteed to pass liquid but still didn't pass. Said something about cadillac converter
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