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I checked all fuses none blown car will not start

Light is on check engine and electronics
What cost am I looking to spend

How do you open the hood on a 1986 Mercedes 420 sel

It starts and runs when cold, but after it gets warm, it does not start.

It only happens when the low engine light comes on. Other than that it shifts fine.

Srs show on my dash board

Service tells me this is a pending recall with no answer and the light cannot be shut off? Nor can they tell me what it means??

My car won't go any faster than 60 Mph, once cracking sunroof, and it also later rained, and it also started running hot, I keep the maintenance on my car up to par, but my motor indicator is on and it's only driving in one gear

I see a light kind of indication on the rpm

We checked the cable from the starter to the alternator and the cable from the alternator to the battery all look good. We jumped it with a truck and nothing/

The air suspension compressor went out and I disconnected the battery before installing it. Afterwards everything works fine except the controls on the dash.

Lets light is need cost estimate

Is there one in the trunk? When I turn the key to start I get nothing

dash board says electric consumer off line can this be rebooted

Where can I take it to get checked out

damage, I am able to pull the shell about an inch away from the mounting bracket on the leading edge of the door, just aft of the A pillar. It looks like it should re-attach and secure the shell to the mount by exerting pressure so the hinge mechanism grabs the inside mounting bracket plate, but no luck there.

When I start off the gears shift and jerk a bit then stabilizes. My mechanic thinks there is a transmission problem but would not say what until I leave it with him. Just bought this and the dealer said the jerking is just the nature of this all wheel drive.

my rpm goes to 45-50 even tou my car speed is only between 35-40

sideview mirror has come loose.
Not detached, but appears the retaining hinge-bar has come loose from the hinge-plate.
Any easy fix,???
Thanks, Geoff

It's been sitting for a few years however I covered all the basics to get it running, fluids, battery etc, haven't replaced any parts yet except for the battery, the issue I'm having is that it starts and runs fine until it warms up then just stalls out any information would be helpful. I'm leaning towards a sensor issue but this model doesn't seem to have many.

I can open it manually with the emergency lever on the tailgate

Not all the time, sputtering problem went away about a month ago but now seems to be returning slowly

Does back headrest up have anything to do with the top not wanting to go down?

When I use my blinkers all blinkers light up like the hazards are on

Can't get car out of park.

Car runs okay after starting it feels like it is flooded

When I put my foot on the brake, my hand on the gear shift it won't move. I understand that this car has the option of driving a stick or driving an automatic. Please help me....

All I needed was fluid. Due to Vandelism, the fluids were drained. No Garlyn and Sheldon in Temple are saying the cost is 5213.00.

Requested Service: Front End Differential and Replacement/ Repair

Estimated Cost: 2500- 3500

Why am I being over charged?

I just purchased a car am I have issues with the convertible top going up and down. One night when I try to use it I noticed there is hydraulic fluid and it appears that one of the lines have broken. However, I have experienced issues with it going up-and-down.

when you turn on the radio no sound other than a loud screeching feedback sound like when a guitar is too close to the amplifer