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i recently changed the intake and bought a new mass airflow sensor and after that was installed it just starts but dies right away the lights still turn on and the battery isnt dead, i need help please.
My 2011 Mazda tribute is an automatic but the shifter is between my front seats. Could I change it to a manual?
This is the first time it happened there was no warning lights that came on it just died in the middle of the street. Now it won't turn over
Starts and runs fine when cold. Will start but not run when hot. Gives codes 1 and 8
The car was sitting for 5 months due to hitting a deer, no major damage.
it runs great idle great but when i get on it it just shuts down wont turn over or start but if i change the 30 amp epc fuse it fires right back up
I turn the egnition and motor turn but no start
I have a 92 MX5 and the running lights do not work, but the headlights and brake lights work
the fuses and bulbs are all good
What do I need to check?
I have a 2005 Mazda 6 V-6 with a manual transmission. I'm puzzled as to why and what causes this. You can be running along in basically in 3rd, 4th or 5th gear when all of a sudden the car is like you shifted into neutral. You can go through all the gears and there's nothing engaging. As the car slows down or comes to a stop and you try shifting through the gears eventually it will engage and you have all the gears again. Drive another mile or two it does the same thing all over again. Took the car to the shop and they drive it the next day and found no problem. I took it home that night and the next morning same issue. Never had the problem before until they changed the engine. Any clue as to what the problem may be?
difficult to go showing AT light on dash board and showing power steering light
Beams simply seem too low. There is an annoying shadow line about 4 feet off the ground at about 25 - 30 feet on low setting and highs only seem to illuminate well out to about 40 - 50 yards.
My 2001 Mazda Tribute manual 4 cylinder has an intermittent faulty speedometer. Occasionally the speedo will fluctuate or drop to zero with a slight power loss (enough to stall sometimes if we stop at lights). On 2 occasions now the odometer has gone blank also and has come back with the speedometer and power. Only happens under 80km.
I am replaceing 5 spd. transmission on mazda b 4000 4x4 truck. Will the transfer case + extension box of 4x4 fit onto same 5 spd. transmission from a 2 wheel dr. vehicle by exchanging one to the other only or are other adapting components required
The car wont move untill the clutch pedal is completly released
light bulbs good
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