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Blue light flashes under steering column and red key on dash
Fuel pressure comes and goes to fuel my. Fuel pressure sensor in my fuel pump ? Help
Looks like oil is leaking from the valve covers. Was thinking maybe the hose and the pcv needed to be replaced. Car will not staying running.
4 cylinder automatic, 190K miles. Have had this problem for a couple years, now its so bad that when it warms up the idle drops so far the engine stalls. It's not just that it has no idle, the rpm needle will bounce around under 1 unless I hold my foot on the brake and the gas pedal.
Timing belt broke.
It is a part of the air intake manifold. The young man that is doing the work for me free, contacted someone at Mazda and was sent a diagram. He located the part, and there is a number by it, but I have searched and can not find this part. I can not afford to purchase the complete manifold. Please help me find this part.
When at 60 mph. When i mash my brAke, i fill some shaking from my left tire. Didn't start this after i ran over a big drain hole in the road.
Clutch has been replaced in last 3 months
was driving yesterday and noticed that my dashboard lights went out so I drive all the way home then turned the car off now my Mazda CX-9 won't crank nor start can someone help me out with some useful information please.
I have changed out the fuel pump and the relay. What is weird is that the fuel pump will not come on when the key is put in the on position, which it used to, but will come on once you begin to crank the motor. It will not start on the initial crank but if I allow the pump to prime it will start on either the 2nd or 3rd cranking attempt. Once the car is started it runs smooth with no hesitation. Fuel mileage is better than before I changed out the pump. Any thought???!!!
check light for engine is also on , have diagnosed it give to change the temperature unit. have done it but still same problem.
Backing up it sputtered I do have a misfire on cylinder 6 we switch out the coil wires no change sputtered under a load thanks Pauly
I had been hearing some clicking/knocking so I was going to my mechanic. Then as I was backing out of my garage, I lost the ability to steer. There was hard jolt in my steering wheel. My husband yelled for me to STOP. We took a lot of pictures of the the damage near the front driver side tire.

I wanted to know if the pictures are of the ball joint and lower control separating. We need to be sure that's what we are looking at.

When I hear from you can send the pictures.
The back window of the passenger side just stopped working, it is staying down only, how can I remove the door panel to check it out?
its really not making any kind of noise a mechanic just told me that where the axle meets the transmission the bearings are going out. How they found this was because they were checking the lower ball joint. If that makes any since?
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