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has 2 piece drive shaft front cv was replaces and u joint for front section.

ive had trouble with car not charging the battery symble light coming on time before i jacked the car up airhosed itout tap on it with hamer the light went out it started back chging that lasted two months now it has stoped chging i am going to relace it iwould like to know if the alternator will come out bottom please help

ABS, Brake & anti-skid lights all came on and won't go off. All 3 came on at same time. Tried resetting computer but that didn't work. Still drives fine.

I changes oil regularly and a interor motor bearing went bad

4 cylinder 2.3 liter motor

Engine runs rough at idle and low RPM's, with check engine light flashing. Codes P0205, P0305

The vehicle is stalling after shifting gears and now stalls and kills the battery

It started off moving very slow and couple of hours later it turns on but doesn't move

Driving back home and wen i went to turn at lights as i just got around the corner the car just died i opened the bonett and a wire was smoking. Car wont start now and everytime we try the wire smokes, the car acc all work but theres no kick wen turning the car on as the motor isnt turning. Checked the battery and all is fine but have no clue why car wont start and wire keeps melting and smoking. Do i have any ideas?

I just need to know how and the location of the hose.

My car sputters and bucks when it rains

my car stalls and bucks when it rains

when the car sits it takes in air. Heater doesn't work but if i release the cap in coolant bottle then car runs fine until it sits again.

After ordering the coils and waiting to have my PCM rebuilt and programed now my car will not start and has a gas smell. Can someone point me in the right direction I'm totally lost and just need my car running again.

Had no warning of a problem. Second gear went then third then first and finally reverse. Had it towed home. Now two days later all gears work. What is going on and is it safe to drive?

Usually when I am coasting and pulling into a parking space ect., as soon as I turn the steering wheel the Mazda Tribute accelerates without me pressing anything. Almost crashed into a car and a wall so far. It only lurches it seems though. It doesn't continue to accelerate.

What is that code for? what do I need? The part store checked it and it give this code po452 cab u help me please thank you

Car battery was dead, was jumped and started, but after overnight was dead again. Had new battery put in and is fine now but ABS light just came on today. Totally unrelated? Or caused by jump?