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My 02 Mazda has gotten very loud recently I'm not sure yet what it is. I'm hoping someone can help me on here. It has gotten really really loud it sounds like a muffler problem which I had had fixed not even a year ago. It sounds like it's coming from the hood but also from the muffler I'm not really sure I'm going to take it to the shop but I was hoping someone on here can help me out on maybe what it could be first. It stays loud and even louder when I press the gas. Please any help would be amazing! Thanks
Several other owners with this problem have fixed it by repairing a faulty wire...wores witch goe from pcm harness to injectors. Can you show me witch wires these are, including color codes and location.
My car at one time I went for engine wash and just that time it started shaking when I start it and fuel finishing fast. My Mechanic tried to look for a problem and found it was Ignition cable No. 4 not working.
Is the sensor located under the hood around the motor area or around the fuel tank area?
Car was making a rattling/knocking noise and smoke was coming from car on highway.
After turning off ignition car wont start. Just makes a whirring noise.
02 Mazda tribute has a fan problem or overheating problem.Tested the relays and the thermostat also the CTS and pig tail going to it ,they seem to be in working order .When I unplug my CTS fans come on also when defrost or air they come on low speed,high speed when I unplug CTS .Also I was checking the pig tail going to the CTS and when I touched the hot side fans went off.Also my temp gauge never goes above half way.need lil help.thanks
was driving the car it just stopped running tried to restart by after a few time the battery was dead. I tried to jump it. try to start it but it ran ruff and had a engine light on but it stopped running again
New alternator and battery.
odlight flashhedonand offthencarjustslowlydiedthen drove5mtresnext daywhatnext?
wont sift out of park,over drive not working, no indicating park,drive frame,wont start
mechanic replaced the pcm and "said" it was flashed to vehicle and ready to go.i picked it up and drove it a little while and lights came on on dash. took it to another mechanic, he hooked it up to his diagnostic computer and it kept comming up with mismatched vin #'s the pcm tells the transmission when to shift and it wasnt comunicating with any of the other systems. please help. i NEED answers.
model not listed in your list
If you push the button on top of the steering column it will work a few times aftetwards and then the problem returns.
it will crank without a hitch and not even attempt to kick over
It is underneath the manifold
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