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when the car is shifted from park or neutral to drive,reverse or any of the lower gears, the idle would do a sudden drop and car will cut off. but if i keep my feet on the accelerator immediately after i shift in to gear it wont cut off but will if i slow down. I recently put in a fuel pump, rotors in the distributor clean the IAC and or EGR and throttle body. also have a bad idle and would cut off if AC is turned on while in park or neutral. would gladly appreciate the help. Trani seems to work fine but do you think it could also be a torque converter issue
If the oil light turns on can it shut down the motor? Motor did not rattle. What can also make the car shut down if it is not the oil light?
my O/d light turns on it blinks and the check engine light stay solid yellowand ask if I'm going 35 40 miles per hour I like goes into neutral or shifts down and when I park and leave it in park sounds like the engine is celebrated
It shifts from low to 3rd. wont go into 2nd
Cv is clicking
the fan belt turns when trying to start car would this happen if timing belt is broken
Motor cut off stopped tried to restart but just turns over not starting with fuild
Was driving car stalled out try to restart but just turns over nut restarting
This happens within a space of 1 hrs interval
Driving 55 stopped running and will not restart what caused it how can I fix to get it running
Was driving 55 when car stopped running and will not restart
Tried starting fuel but will not start
It gets power all the dash lights come on. Battery is new, Alternator is new.
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