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My insides lights are fine until I have to use my blinker then they go out. Then when the blinker pops back in place then the lights come back on. Sometimes I also have to tap on my blinker to make them come back on. I'm just scared I won't be able to see my dash.
There is now smoke coming from exhaust as well,the noise is very loud,can we travel further,and how long will it last,as we are 800 kilos from home. Please help.
The car started having troubles a few weeks back, it would stall when i shifting in between gears or shifted into 1st. I changed spark plugs and fuel filter and the problem seemed to have cleared up but now it has started again. It only seems to happen within the first half hour or so of the car being on where it will stall intermittently. Once it has been on a while it seems to be okay.
If you have any idea let me know!
cheers logan
The car died with fuel Pressure but no spark. I replaced distributor, cap, plugs, rotor, wires and plugs. Started right up. Timing was off and failed smog. I went to adjust the timing and car died and wouldn't start again. Upon further investigation the distributor was shorting out so I exchanged it for another one. Car still won't start and has weak orange spark at the plugs as it turns over. Any suggestions?
while driving I start to smell gas fumes an every now an then the check engine light will come on an off.sometimes it will misfire when stepping on the gas to take off...I need your advice....please an thank you !
I think my coil has gone bad. I have a multimeter but don't know which ports I should be touching to test nor do I know what the correct reading should be.
i changed the timing belt and the water pump..
Even though the defroster works I have to continuously wipe off the fog on all the windows. I see no leaks in the vehicle. This has become a safety problem.
I'm guessing i nd to flush my heater core
It has what looks like an extension cord hooked up to a plug that it's connected to the engine Block i was told it was there to warm up the oil if you live in a cold climate please help
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