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Happened repeatedly, smells like gasoline, shop used dye to locate leak and replaced gaskets, leak has recurred
Car will go into all gears but will not move after releasing the clutch.
the nickel was laying on the plate and was pushed toward the back of where the gear shift is.
Will it be okay, will it do any damage or interfere with shifting?
nozzle keeps shutting off
They look like fog lights but don't seem to have any switch to control them
The wipers work only if they are on when I start the car. If they are in the off position when I start the car they will not work. All the fuses have been changed.
I bought a turbo charger kit for my 2006 Mazda Miata MX-5 touring I needto know the cost to have it installed
what part do I need to order
Sometimes have no clutch pressure..
Hesitation when acceleration. Once goin it is fine.
It is running fine but i have been told too many different mileges
I am looking for the ac cooling fan relay on my 2007 mx5
The auto open/lock ability was lost after a battery jump.
Just purchased vehicle and it drives perfectly. Wondering what preventative maintenance should be performed now? No record of timing belt having been changed.
Fearful of breaking it if done wrong.
I let it down it went half way and will not go up or down. It is stuck
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