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I have one that did not go back into the hole of the automatic transmission filter, what could be the problem and what can I do to correct the problem
Low Beams At Half Mast
Hi, I just bought an '08 Grand Touring 6spd and the first time I drove at night I noticed both low beams only illuminated about 40' out, both are equally powerful and equally aligned. At 40' there is a definite, straight, horizontal demarcation line between light and dark. The high beams are perfect. The car is too dangerous to drive at night. I know this probably doesn't relate but seller just replaced battery so car had no electrical for a little while. Is there anything on the car that would have to be reset after that? Can anybody help? Thank you in advance.

I need to do a tune up, the rich running an O2 sensor problem and how many are there in a 1990 Miata?
My 1.6L over heats really fast when I do just normal driving as well as just sitting, it's also started to make a new squeak just before this happend it leaks coolant as well but very slowly and I had just filled it about a month ago, I haven't had the time to really look into it cause of work, any suggestions on what to check? to make my life a little easier, thanks
Car runs great, it just seems to me that in fifth gear at 70 MPH, 32K on the RPM is a bit to high, am I wrong or is this normal for this small car? I'm used to my Chrysler "grocery getter" mini van lol.
2006 mazda mx5, 50,000 miles.
Engine light came on 2 weeks ago. Checked code and it comes up with the knock sensor, wiring, and ecm.
Wiring is too new to have any problems and there shouldn't be anything wrong with the ecm or a different code would come up for that. Tried locating the knock sensor and I can't find it. Like I said, the engine light comes on and goes off same day or every other day.
Also, I've been having some hesitation in power when applying the throttle going into 4th gear.

Happened repeatedly, smells like gasoline, shop used dye to locate leak and replaced gaskets, leak has recurred
Car will go into all gears but will not move after releasing the clutch.
the nickel was laying on the plate and was pushed toward the back of where the gear shift is.
Will it be okay, will it do any damage or interfere with shifting?
nozzle keeps shutting off
They look like fog lights but don't seem to have any switch to control them
The wipers work only if they are on when I start the car. If they are in the off position when I start the car they will not work. All the fuses have been changed.
I bought a turbo charger kit for my 2006 Mazda Miata MX-5 touring I needto know the cost to have it installed
what part do I need to order
Sometimes have no clutch pressure..
Hesitation when acceleration. Once goin it is fine.
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