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It is an i-Touring 4 cylinder.
distinct 1-3 second lag sometimes when I accelerate from a stop, especially when engine is cold, or when turning a corner. I suspect a fuel line filter, or fuel pump glitch.
When I started by car this am, the engine sputters for a bit then stalls after 20-30 seconds. Also, when I press on the gas it doesn't "rev" at all. Is it something with the transmission??
The check engine light continues to show. There isn't anything wrong
it keeps popping off i have to hold it so that it trickles into the tank
First code was P0401 (insufficient egr flow) had it cleaned, where there was very little carbon build up. A couple weeks later light came back on, but then went off the next day. Two weeks after that light comes back on and rode a little rough, then tried to get on thw freeway and it started jumping and check engine light started flashing so took it in. Threw a P0302 (misfire cylinder #2) they replace all spark plugs and my #2 boot, and engine coolant hose connector. Same day we drove over 100miles to my mothers as soon as we got off the 70mph freeway it started idling rough. Now day 3 it idles rough and runs rough (jumpy between 60 &70) no code thrown after almost 300miles are our tune up. What could it be?? :-(
All the way sometimes whats wrong
The battery was replaced a few days prior to the incident. It started up as a rough idle and then it would not crank any more. The battery is good because all lights etc come on
My car has had loss of power. Biggest issue> My hazard light comes on spontaneously & locks breaks. I pull car over. It shakes back & forth and I'm unable to drive, as if the breaks have locked on me. So, I turn car off and then back on and problem goes away for the day, but never fails to happen the next day or two. Its been occurring more lately. I took it to a mechanic & they said it was defiantly the throttle body.
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