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low beams repeatedly replaced. If you rap outer headlight lamp low beams comes on (seems to be a common problem). When restarting lights may not come on, but if your bang headlight lamp they come on again.
Wen I pull away its driving, the moment it must switch over to second stage it went in to a high rev,the car won't move, than my lump light go on, I replace new gearbox oil but it still do that, please help me what to do. Thanks
How much would it cost to fix/ replace the orings so that the a/c would work again
After puttin neutral for a few seconds then returning to drive it's ok. Tran fluid is ok. Could this be an electrical or computer issue??
I am trying to remove the valve cover but can not figure out how to remove the wire housing that runs across the left side of the valve cover (the camshaft sensor wires also run through this housing.). However, there's a deep plastic piece that is very small and deep with a bolt through it and where the valve cover meets the head it looks as if the bolt has been welded. I need to remove the valve cover but can not get the two bolts on each side of the wiring housing. How can I remove those bolts?
But it also struggles when i get below 1000 rpm. What is the most likely issue?
I removed my head unit when I put it back in all of the following stopped working: LCD screen display, head unit, climate control illumination, and my defrost and a/c. I have already checked my fuses 5 times over.
also engages gears harsh when accelerating or decelerating this only seem to happen once I've been driving for more than 30 minutes. Do these transmissions have solenoids?
When it snows or rains. Have replaced windshield and ruled out leak coming from firewall and hood release
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