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I have replaced battery, I get no Errors from PCM, and have tried everything I can think of to no avail... O2 sensor, Cat, Evap and EGR are all not ready... How can I tell my PCM is even ready to start drive cycle and what is the drive cycle process.... I've driven many cycles from internet and it's been 2500 miles
I have a 05 Mazda 6 and just about a month ago I realize my car was making a ticking noise so I checked the oil and it was dry so I added 3 quarts and the ticking noise is still there. The noise gets louder when i push the gas. Can anybody tell me if I blew a rod or if it could be my lifters? I never worked on a car before so I have no clue how to check anything lol
it is using oil but no leaks and it surges are launges out when going slow are at stop sign
left whole side of the door damaged
Was advised to replace head gasket do to issues with them
I am getting the code po340, it looks like the cams have jumped time, i have no spark. I have possible bent valves. I have blue booked the car and I am unsure that it's going to be worth the cost it'll take to fix it.
When I play songs through the auxiliary cord the music will intermittently stop playing for a duration of 20 seconds then resume playing(later in the song). It happens about every minute. It just started doing this. What would cause this? Possibly low baterry? I've tried different aux cords and phones.
Air bag deployed, and I need to send the module in for reset
I was on my way to the gas station
When braking, the car occasionally shakes
This only happens when I slow down,and may speed up. It doesn't happen all the time but occassionally. When I stop, but the car in part and start over I don't have any problems.
I just had all fluids replaced, new serpentine belt and tensioner installed. Engine idles rougher when AC is on or defroster. Now makes a ticking/tapping noise at idle. Does it after car is completely warm. Oil pressure and temp both ok. Could this be lifters needing repair?
My car has had transmission problems since about 90,000 miles. Had it worked on twice and have had the engine rebuilt and STILL have problems. Right now, my AT light and check engine light are on, before it was just slipping, now it wont shift out of second. Happened about a year ago but had the codes reset and didn't have this issue until now. Tried to reset them again but it didn't work. Is this a tranny problem or an engine problem? And what's the best way to go about getting it fixed?
Then when I shut off car they all go off but comes back on , on down the road, also loud roaring sound while driving and car pulls to the right real bad. Tires look good not that old, air in them is 32. Auto shop can't find the problem. No engine light comes on..??
Mazda6 is there any call backs in ns for this car.I just recently took mine to the garage and have to have all lines fixed baring in the front and more....
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