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My mazda6 starts goes in gear without having to step on clutch however the tires seems like there stuck and won't go! Is it my clutch or ??

How do I get the jam out had leakage into area

How to fix oxidized headlight lense to clear the lense.

Change my oil first time. Couldnt get off oil filter. So I just left it alone. 3000 to 4000miles later I was going to change oil. But before had a chance. I was driving. Next thing car started knocking every time I would get it gas. The knocking again. Drove 5 miles home n then parked it ever since.

I was rear ended passenger side in the back.. Floor has a camel bump in it.. Can that be repaired?

Driver side low beam headlight is not working, all fuses are good and bulb has been changed

Over the last couple of years, several times by now, my car goes into low RPM mode and I have to restart it to continue driving. Always the same code - P2110 - Throttle Actuator Control System - Forced Limited Engine Speed. So I decide to give the throttle body a bit of cleaning.Take off the air hose and look at throttle place. It's a bit dirty, but nothing too horrible. I turn the ignition on and put a dumbbell on the gas pedal to open the throttle plate. I find the throttle plate mostly open but vibrating nervelessly. Then all of a sudden it just fully closes and then opens and continues to vibrate. Is this normal? Is the vibration normal? The closing? I don't think so. Seems like the system looses throttle plate position. Am I wrong or is it time to replace the throttle body? Here is the video I took of the throttle plate vibrating:

Transmission was replaced a month ago, has trouble shifting into first gear Only when the AT light is on. Shifts great after 30 40 mph. I was told it will need to be reprogrammed by a mechanic & another mechanic informed me that the 2004 models do not have to be reprogrammed. Any suggestions?

Any time I fill my tank I have a hard time getting the car started

Just bought car 3-8-16 it stop due to overheating down the street from the car lot. Put on new thermostat,fan relay,engine coolant temperature circuit sensor, and t hose was broken got a new one. It's still overheating, my fiancé thinking of putting on new fans because they aren't coming on when the vehicle run hot. Not sure if fans should be replaced.

My car has been misfiring used to show multiple misfire random and now only cylinder 2 and now a p0420 code I changed spark plugs and wires and coil pack now I need to replace o2 sensors but which one should I replace ?

-the driver's permission pad started sticking. Now even after replacing the smart fob battery the red smart key light goes on & off intermittently and also the radio shuts down, all the dash lights go off. When they come back on all the warning lights stay on. The car runs & drives fine.

Went through a water puddle that was deaper than expected. Car died a few seconds later and wouldnt start. Next day i pulled the plugs and let them air out for another day or two. Finally got it started again and now there is a loud ticking near the left rear of block more towards the top. Haven't driven the car since then and need some sort of logical answer

when I start the mazda 6 2005 it shuts off the when I keep trying and trying it stays on until I put it in drive or in reverse please help please help

When a/c is turned no fan. Also overheats at idle.

Intermittent problems starting car. Back @ dealer 3 times in 3 weeks before I had the car for 2 months!!!!!!!
After heated negotiations with the owner, I got ANOTHER BRAND NEW 2016 MAZDA 6 I touring vehicle.
I've had it for less than 2 weeks and the second new car it wouldn't start!!!!! Has anyone else had these problems??? Obviously "lemon law", but 2 in a row is manufacturer's problem. Anyone else???

Like a minor crunch sound. It's noticeable but slight.

i don't want her bro or anyone to figure it out because i wont get paid if they get it running ...any suggestions?

Engine sputtering spitting

my driver window will come about 1/4 of the way up and stop. it will then go back down by itself. is this a bad pinch sensor? if so what would you suggest changing?

I have a 2014 Mazda 6 touring and have had to replace front brakes and rotors, as well as buy new tires. I have almost 50,000 mile on it and I love this car. But the brakes are shaking again and it has been less than 12,000 miles since I fixed it.

Recently had an oil changed immediately after let it rum dew mins n when put n drive to leave it made noise a lot of white smoke came from exhaust pipes n then it won't go/move.what's likely the cause of this?

Engine is making a steady clank sound. It's rough but I know my oil pump is pretty jacked up. But anyway, is there such a thing as an oil strainer for this vehicle??? I can't find it anywhere on the net.

set a po2088 code i changed the oil control valve doesnt seam to pull code anymore but still will not start.Cranks over fine and tries to start but will sounds like fuel pump is coming on