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Stared getting rail dust on the Lower half of door to remove it?
Didn't know what it was, tried wax and compound to remove it with no sucess.
Researched it and found out it was rail dust
I need some body work done, like painting the hood and removal of some minor hail damage. Are there body shops near 62025 that are suggested by Repairpal for my 2015 Mazda 6?
The car was sitting for 5 months due to hitting a deer, no major damage.
I can hear the clutch engaging on and off sometimes in traffic other times it does not engage at all. Fans work and the car has coolant I'm thinking its the thermostat?
used jump leads to start now speedo doesn't work
I have a 2005 Mazda 6 V-6 with a manual transmission. I'm puzzled as to why and what causes this. You can be running along in basically in 3rd, 4th or 5th gear when all of a sudden the car is like you shifted into neutral. You can go through all the gears and there's nothing engaging. As the car slows down or comes to a stop and you try shifting through the gears eventually it will engage and you have all the gears again. Drive another mile or two it does the same thing all over again. Took the car to the shop and they drive it the next day and found no problem. I took it home that night and the next morning same issue. Never had the problem before until they changed the engine. Any clue as to what the problem may be?
I can't get my Mazda to start. It was working fine and we parked it for about 4 weeks and now I have nothing. When we put the key in and turn to the "ON" position, we get nothing. All of the dash lights light up but there absolutely nothing. Not even a clicking sound. At first I thought it might be the battery and bought a new one but still nothing.
A mechanic said it was the "Ignition Module" but when I went to the Mazda dealer, they said there wasn't an Ignition module with the 2011 model. Is there something else that can cause this to happen? All help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

My 2008 Mazda 6 2.3 has recently been running rough. I have received codes P0301, P2177, P0113, P0137, P2096 & P2187. I have replaced the MAF sensor, spark plugs & the ignition coil to cylinder #1.
My vehicle starts and runs fine until I drive it a ways (to a store) and turn it off. When I return (about 20 minutes later) and restart it - it runs rough, the engine light starts blinking and I receive the code P0301. Any ideas?
Whenever I want to accelerate especially from gear 1 and 2 the gear starts to wobble and then the AT light comes then the gear starts to heat
When should I have a brake fluid flush for my 2012 Mazda 6?
Car sputters or acts like it isn't getting fuel even if you put foot on the gas pedal more, but car still runs, just takes a little bit to get going and turns on check engine light
4 cylendor
How do I flush my radiator on 2012 Mazda 6i ?
first scan showed p0101, p2177 and p2187. i replaced both O2 sensors, and MAF sensor, now only codes 2177 and 2187 show up. they hooked up the diagnosis machine and o2 sensors are working properly. I went to the local mazda dealer to have a computer flashed and it still comes on.
can anyone help.
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