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4 cylendor
How do I flush my radiator on 2012 Mazda 6i ?
first scan showed p0101, p2177 and p2187. i replaced both O2 sensors, and MAF sensor, now only codes 2177 and 2187 show up. they hooked up the diagnosis machine and o2 sensors are working properly. I went to the local mazda dealer to have a computer flashed and it still comes on.
can anyone help.
How much it would cost to repair Mazda 6 trunk light after short circuit? There is no fuse for that and only trunk light does not work, despite changing few bulbs. Maybe there is solution how to fix it and not chaning RBCM (rear body control module)??
Was running fine no noises. Then on way home from bank she heard trans gear down. But it ended up not moving seconds later. But can hear it shift. Engine starts fine. Puts into neutral or drive can hear it change but wont move
My car has been lowered with lowered springs and I was told by a mechanic that the reason from the rubbing was "probably" because the driver's side front strut is leaking oil. He then suggested that I have the strut replaced but also it's not a guaranteed fix.

When he was showing me this I noticed there was probably a miscommunication between him and the receptionist because I said the rubbing was happening in the back of the driver's side and not the front. You can actually see a lot wear on the face of the back tire. He didn't realize this but continued to suggest it's still probably the front strut that needs to be replaced. He said once the front one was replaced that the back tire wouldn't probably rub anymore.

This problem started when I changed that tire to the original size. I had 2 wheel alignments with a smaller spare tire located in at the drivers backside and I was thinking those wheel alignment with smaller tire has caused the rubbing thats happening now. Is this possible? I've heard that you're supposed to change struts in pairs so I'm not trusting this guys judgment.

I have a 05 Mazda 6 2.3 l manual 5-speed when Revenue 2 gears the rev limiter kicks in about 4 grand what will cause it to do that
I have a 2003 sedan mazda 6, the floor has 2 plugs, one of them fits in the 2006 hatches seats, but the other one doesn't, and I believe that is the plug for the electric motor, I was wondering is there is a fix for this
Can you please advise me which tow bar is compatible for a Mazda 6 2006 luxury sports 5 door hatch
I lost my only set of keys to my 2011 Madza 6 please help!
What seems to make the problem better or worse? i cant find my keys
How long have you had this problem? 6 days
It only starts knocking at higher RPMs
What seems to make the problem better or worse? No
How long have you had this problem? It just started
The car will drive but after stopping it the engine cuts off and it has to be pushed to start up again
will drive and not cut off but will after stopping in traffic due to a traffic jam or at a stop light.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When it has been running a while
How long have you had this problem? a few weeks
Started yesterday. also a/c not blowing cold air
I have a 2006 Mazda 6, and The left hub assembly is going bad for the fourth time.

First time i just changed wheel bearing, second and third time I've changed hub assembly and wheel bearing.

Second time it was good for about 5-6 months, now it's only a month and already making noises.
The car doesn't vibration at high speed, I don't understand the reason for the breakdown.

The noise first sound like the whole bearing is sliding (thin jamming) later sound like tire noise coming from the front end - most noticeable in the 40-50 MPH range

My question is this - what could cause a new (Japan Parts) Hub Assembly & bearing to go out so quickly?

Your thoughts?
It worked fine up until this event
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