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Bought car today.......on the highway coming home. I had to turn the radio volume up to hear it because of the roaring as though I had snow tires on, and also like I was driving with the windows down.
My 2006 Mazda 5 won't start. I put the key in and everything on the dash lights up perfectly fine but when i go to turn the key it won't turn over, in fact it won't even make a noise. The battery is recently new and seeing how the dash lights up I don't think it is the problem, I had read that it could possibly be because a fuse or relay has been blown?

F7, F10 and 12 (Starter Motor Relay) are what I was told could be the problem, I'm hoping this is the case for it would be a cheap and easy fix. Can anyone tell me if I am on the right track? Or any other suggestions?

Thank you
Hi, I am Ady my car is Mazda5 2006 the car got a problem can't start I changed the buttery I put new one but if still like the same problems if I do one day no put the car on the problems comes again I need jump click. Please tell me what is going wrong with my car.
the problem started one morning my car refused to start, then i called for a maniacal and he said that my car has autonetor problem that is not charging my battery. i order for outonetor and change it, after that i try to start my car, it will start and can't steam more then 3 seconds and stop even when you matching the
Grinding noise at starter and flexplate
When I indicate left or right a beeping sound starts and this is on top of the normal indicator noise once the indicator is off on noise and no lights on dashboard when it starts any ideas
After 4-8 attempts the car will start. On occasion it stays right away. After 4+ attempts on successful start up some smoke comes out of the exhaust then settles and vast drives normally. Grinding on startup. If the car starts can the starter still be faulty? Or is it more likely the fuel pump? Crank position sensors were changed last week. Thanks
The AC stopped working after a short road trip a couple nights ago while we were sitting in a drive-thru. The next morning, it was working for a little while, but it stopped again while we were driving. It hasn't come back on since. Is this a coolant problem or an electrical problem? Thanks.
code po763 shift so`lenoid c electrical pending

Cruse control not working rifht
I have a problem with my 2008 mazda 5 vehicle, it keep telling me that I have a problem with my AT but no mechanic knew how to fix it, I know its the AUTOMATIC TRANSXALE , but I don't know how to fix it, what is the problem exactly and how I can fix it!?
I'll be glad if anyone could help me!
This happened after the battery and ECU were disconnected and reconnected. I had an auxiliary LED lamp installed and had to take out the battery and ECU to have access to the firewall where the wiring went in. That night, it was the first time I noticed the radiator fan on when normally it won't (A/C was off). The next day, the gauge went all the way up but no signs of overheating. No engine warning light and it runs normal. I plugged in an OBD sensor but no fault codes.
My car overheated and I'm trying to find out what I need to do to fix it
Not very consistent, but sometimes the A/T makes very rough down-shifts. I notice it most at around 30mph.
It seems like there is not enough weight on the front wheels for the low profile tires to have meaningful traction on slick roads.
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