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I accidently recently drove over a center island divider on the road. Where I bent my 2 left front n back luxuary rims. No fluid was spilled .Since then every time I make a sharp left or right uphill or downhill or even road TURN the gear pops out of place. Stalling my car n I then have to pop it into Neutral before piping it into drive for my car to drive forward again. What do you think it can be. I'm thinking it's the transfer case?
Car is vibrating in idle, not too harshly but when I turn on my ac it stops completely for a second then vibrates again
Steering wheel going all over the place
The coolant fluid gets pushed back into radiator tank. Causes pressure to build in radiator tank. Which leads to overheating of engine.
Dealer tells me my Mazda3 (2014) 33,000 needs a fuel flush - I'm still getting between 32 and 38 mpg highway and 20+ town driving. I'm also not experiencing any dash lights or soft brakes - drives like I just drove it out of the showroom. A reputable tire company said to wait on this until I need my brakes replaced.
C.e.l. keeps coming on and shutting off intermittently and all of a sudden my fuel economy has increased dramatically 7-10 mpg better
it runs very good,,but went off last week when I was driving to work,,the engine was over heating because of a broken coolent container,, and the engine had a little bit of engine knock,, Now it cranks normal but wont start
I have mazda 3 2005, I have a problem of locking the power door. All 4 doors won't lock when I press the botton on the door or on the remote but I can hear the relay click on module under glove compartment. To unlock is working fine.
difficult to go showing AT light on dash board and showing power steering light
When I start on the car and I press on the gas it doesn’t go at the speed I want it to go. It takes a while for it to work. Can this be fixed?
The car wont move untill the clutch pedal is completly released
Control screen possessed unpairs blue tooth, changes radio stations and calls random numbers from contact list all without anyone attempting to perform any actions
Does cold weather cause car not to start?
Car has 39000 miles but won't start. Lights come on. What's wrong
i fill it up and good until half tank or less
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