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Like I said, it runs and starts up perfectly once the engine is warmed up. If I turn the truck off and go to start it up half an hour later, it will start up with no problem. But if I wait too long, it gives me trouble. It just clicks and clicks each time I turn the key, and I have to turn the key at least 10 times very fast and hold it on the last turn before it wants to start cranking. When it clicks like this, the dash lights and headlight dim. The battery was tested and is supposedly fine, the alternator isn't an issue because the battery tested at 100% and the gauge says it's charging. The starter was replaced, as well as the battery cables, but I still have the issue. It didn't start doing this until I drove the truck for 8 or so hours straight when I went out of town. I honestly have no idea what else I can check. It takes a jump, and everything points to the battery, but the battery tested fine, and I don't want to replace the battery if I don't need to. What is wrong with my truck?
When you turned the engagement switch on you could here it click now nothing. could it be a solonoid, fuse or switch?
Battery is new. Started 2 months ago fine.
Replace the camshaft senor, ERG valve, cleaned the mass air sensor and throttle body, changed the transmission fluid.
Worked last week. Now 4 wheel dash light will not come on and no 4 wheel
Starts easily after initial start No check eng light
there is no door key with the truck.the only way to get into the locked truck is with the electronic door fob. did this vehicle come with a door key separate from the ignition key. the ignition key does not work in the doors. i would like the option of unlocking the vehicle manually in case the fob malfunctions. thank you for your also has an alarm installed on it.
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