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The shop manual list the specified fuel pressure range as 56-72. My fuel pressure is 31!
I need either a picture and or a diagram it would help out a lot thanks
This is a 1994 model with a 6 cylinder engine, air cond', and a standard transmission.It appears that the head on that side will have to be removed to get the water pump out. Thanks Ben
When trying to start truck it 1) cranks right up perfectly, 2) turn key and start is slow like starting with a bad battery but kicks over and starts 3)has a contious clicking noise, won't start 4) does not start have to push/ or jump start fires right up though. Have check most of the normal starting problems already battery Ect ect
i have replaced the battery, and cables, alternator,and fan belt. every time i press my clutch petal and prepare to stop my battery needle plummets, my lights dim. engine almost stalls..any ideas no body i have asked semms to know
I have an elbow that comes out of the lower thermostat housing and connects to the lower radiator hose. There is a line that runs out of the air compressor and right across the elbow. Ive already loosened the line but Im having trouble getting the elbow to clear everything that is still in the way such as the bracket that holds the top pulley which sits next to the air compressor. Surely I'm not going to need to disassmble the entire front end just to get this one small pulley screwed in. Im replacing it because I had a pin hole leak. Can anyone help me? I can describe everything needed to know including part numbers and schematics. and even photos. Im getting desperate here.
Just replaced front left wheel bearings for a previous noise (grinding like) problem... it fixed it for a week (150 miles), now it's making a humming noise... it gets loudest at 40 MPH...
Could it be a cheap after-market brand bearing causing it? made in China, for O'Reilly's Parts Store...
is the linkage bad are what ps help
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