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is it the circuit breaker?
Had the alternator replaced, now I need a smog and its not ready
i was crossing through a a river that had water and the water was covering the diesel
filter and car just cut and could not start.

i only manged to start it the next day but the engine was vibrating and producing white smoke which only cleared after travelling about 30 kilometers. the car has power but now its producing a smoke and in the morning i tend to see a white smoke when i start the engine
Heater stays on burn my feet while driving to work !!!!!
What do I need for valve head adjustment
The line is a u-shaped piece that carries coolant from the driver's side of the engine block to the coolant reservoir on the passenger side of the engine compartment by traveling behind the engine block. It also feeds the water valve, which connects to the inflow and outflow lines of the passenger compartment's heater core. The piece's metal section hangs on hooks located below the exhaust manifold on block's passenger side. It's a convoluted routing that seems to render replacement impossible without dropping the transmission or perhaps pulling the gear shifter. Does anyone have experience with this repair?
trucks that for 9 months drain fuel check fuel pump change the timing belt got it made sure it was back in time it'll turn over but it still wont crank what could be the problem with that I'll check the solenoid and the battery as well as the starter
when i pulled off the pully on the crankshaft the pully puller i used stripped the treads where the center bolt went
Started misfiring really bad running rough
I was driving about 55 mph when my truck completely shut down and so I tried to restart and it cranked over like normal(not slow nor any dimming of lights) just didn't seem like it was getting the last little umph to start. Replaced fuel pump and filter and it didn't seem like it was getting any spark to the engine somewhere. Checked alternator and battery and are good. It started a day or so later and ran just fine but it's happened to me within the last 2 months I have had it about 6 times now.
The indicator lights flash off and on, even after the key is removed.
when in drive transmission slips to neutral when engine is cold. works fine when engine is warm. is that a major problem. what is the fix and cost
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