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Since the jump start the heat controls no longer work, the dash lights illuminate randomly,the vehicle is making screeching noises and loss of power when driving. Any ideas?

my mazda 96 b2300 (smallest one)standard transmition stoped while driving it and turns over but wont start, for about 2 weeks before that,everytime i stoped on traffic lights it would start failing like if it really wanted to turn off but never did, and then, suddenly while drive at about 50 miles an hour, the truck turned off so a mechanic changed float (was not working working for ages) with its fuel pump and the main line that goes to the tank wich was leaking, so he though that could be it...guess what?, up to today still can't make it run.
Any experienced thought will be more then welcome, thank you so far.

i have replaced the coil, wire harness, spark plugs, and plug wires

Truck sat without being cranked for a year. Everybody says fuel pump. I changed the inline fuel filter, no help.

I put new plugs new wires new power fuel fuel pressure regulator.i just dont know what it could be...when I give it gas it back fires and wants to stall.please help

Changed head lights yesterday and cleaned posts and connectors. All service is up to date and good.

truck was not driven for a couple of weeks. I have been outside beside it many times, no radio was playing. Today it was on and the doors were locked. Turned the radio off and clock still shows on. Is there a way to turn off the clock or is that normal. It is the original radio/cassette player.

Installed a new oil pump still have no oil pressure the bearing are good and so is the shaft that come down to the oil pump... need to know what drives that shaft

Anyone have problem with clutch/brake pedal linkage and bushings? Mine clunks when I depress the clutch pedal. It is definitely coming from the pedal pivot under the dash.

1994 b2300 75000 miles

Truck was stalling and not starting when going on stop and go errands. Recently changed the fuel pump and filter problem now is it will stall when taking off from a dead stop however if the rpms are revved it will take off just fine. When stalled if fuel reply is pulled out and put back truck will start.

after matching up colored wires because plug was cut in half. I only have brake lights. need some type diagram of rear tail lights. seems like I have a couple extra black wire

have a round flasher, purchased at auto parts store. looking for location to install

I have changed the fuel pump 3 times in one month!!! What is causing the problem?

and highway speed is achieved. The Check Engine light has been on and my shop cant diagnose it. Could there be a connection between these issues. HELP

oil was on the plug wire

Fuse box is on side of dash on drivers side. When you pop the cover off theres usually a drawing telling you what fuses go to and what amp it is. There isnt anything there and under each slot is a number and thats it

I was reading a post on ( clutch slave cylinders failing . Well on the post are a couple more links that take me to something different. Maybe its the cheap tablet I'm using.The thought of installing an external slave cylinder does appeal to me . Hope someone out there is also interested. Please help!