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I the bottom tube is joined with nuts. I don't see a quick disconnect. I'm replacing the compressor and dryer and hope to replace the orifice before charging it. Please help.
stays on empty while switch is on ,and goes to 1/4 tank in off position , I changed fuel pump w/sender and it corrected it and worked for a while but now is back to the same problem ,is it in the pump or a connection ,thanks
Blower motor worked really good last night then cut out when I stopped car for a while. then I noticed dashboard light that illumines the oil and battery did not come on. Truck working good otherwise. Can you help as I am taking to a unfamiliar mechanic.
First time last night I went into store and when I came out, started the truck no air, and I tried it this morning same thing
Smelled anti-freeze in cab, replaced heater core and thermostat. Still no heat. Also since I've owned truck temp gauge has NEVER came above the "C" line. Replaced water pump and another thermostat. Still no heat. Replaced radiator and one last thermostat. Still no heat. Please help. There is no heater control valve on truck. Could that be the issue even though the heater worked previously?
It's no crank no spark situation I believe it's a 7.5 amp fuse. If somebody could please help me with this I'd appreciate it I will recheck the starter starter is good and I've continuously look for grounded out wires or broken split wires underneath the hood and behind the dash in the firewall
Have just replaced spark plugs, wires, coil packs and ignition control module. Runs great but has occasional misfires above 45mph. Check engine light is not on????
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