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My truck is actually an 89 Mazda B2200. My running lights stay on after I turn them off.. I have to disconnect my battery to turn them off. Any help would be great.
Head gasket
i dont know if i have to get one or two oil pan gasket to put my truck together
i am fixing my truck at hime
oil and still throwing blue smoke and brown when i excelarating i cannot figure it out i also replaced my cylinder heads and it also has trouble starting and runs rough misfiring it never done it before it use to smoke about ten minutes and goes away but now it is bad before it was bad but not as bad please give me advoce thank you
flooding put my original 90 carb back on and it running rough and flooding as well any suggestions I am bumfuddled by it. also when applying the brake the engine stalls any suggestions
Will a windshield from a '92 B2200 fit on a '93 B2200?
Low beam only one side work, HI beam two sides work
has a little high idle when I put in drive it idles down engine runs perfect going down the road when applying the brakes the engine stalls but restarts perfec
What is the problem. Thank you
I have a 92 b2200 5sp. 2barrel carb with an electric choke that doesn't seem to have a female plug. I checked the back of the alternator for it but it isn't there either. It high revs until i hit the accelerator, but was hoping to find a permanent solution to this temporary problem.
The truck is running on just three cylinders and has no power and horrible fuel economy.Its the #4 cylinder.It has good compression but there is no change when I remove the plug wire on that cylinder.All the wires,plugs and distributer are all new so any suggestions
I have a Mazda B2600 2.6L 5 speed manual transmission. Why does is keep burning out the mass flow sensor? What can I do to remedy this problem?
Problem started after the center council was removed and replaced.
The dash light seems to dim when the overdrive button is pushed on and off.
The B2200 has 146,000 miles and we are the original owners.
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