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Both fans stopped working and contacts from relay shows shorting,no power goes to the ngine fans

Light stays on

The AC stopped working after a short road trip a couple nights ago while we were sitting in a drive-thru. The next morning, it was working for a little while, but it stopped again while we were driving. It hasn't come back on since. Is this a coolant problem or an electrical problem? Thanks.

and runs until it randomly does it again , now I put new oem distributer in and now still no spark , where di I check next , I know auto electic pretty good , I was going to check grounds and plug connections ,, any suggestions

is the wheel pattern the same as a 94 ford ranger as it is on my 1992 mazda b2200

How do I find the fuse for the wipers?

I haven't been able to figure this out -but recently my truck will start and run fine. Then when I turn it off and return shortly there after it won't start (or even try). Turn the key and the electronics work but it won't start. So I turn the key off - tap on the key, bang on the steering column and stomp the clutch to the floor. It will usually start after I do that 2-3 times. Not sure what the problem is? Any info would be appreciated!

Guage in dash stuck on max temp. indication.

4wd will not engage

Ac stops cooling, then not
Back & forth

I need to know where the turbine speed sensor goes on a B3000 2000 Mazda pickup truck inside the transmission or outside

It cuts off...could it be my slave and master cylinders?

I spun my tires on gravel a few days ago and right after the check engine light came on giving the knock sensor error code. The engine also appears to be leaking oil but I can't tell where its coming from. It is also leaking very inconsistently and the check engine light doesn't stay on all the time. Help?

Already have changed the battery

My 02 Mazda has gotten very loud recently I'm not sure yet what it is. I'm hoping someone can help me on here. It has gotten really really loud it sounds like a muffler problem which I had had fixed not even a year ago. It sounds like it's coming from the hood but also from the muffler I'm not really sure I'm going to take it to the shop but I was hoping someone on here can help me out on maybe what it could be first. It stays loud and even louder when I press the gas. Please any help would be amazing! Thanks

what part do I need to order

Today we Caught a flat, jacked the car up, and took the front right tire off. Suddenly, the jack fails. Then, the car comes down on the front right rotor brake. We put the spare tire on and started the car but when i attempted to accelerate the car didn't move, it just hesitated and made a noise. But if I would have pressed the issue for the car to go with rapid speed something would've crack/broke.

ngyayari ito pag dinagagamit yung sasakyan tapos pinagawa ko na ito pero bumalik uli yung problema pero pinalitan nila ng ecm, barometric sensor

I need exactly what part is wrong

What could be wrong with my 2001 Mazda Protege? The car cranks nicely it's just once I try to go from park to anything other it shuts off. Please help

I have a 1993 Mazda MX-6 and the other day the car shut off while I was driving. The lights and radio stayed on but I lost power steering and while pushing the gas pedal the car didn't accelerate. Upon trying to restart the car it just cranks but won't turn over. Tried to jump start and nothing. I checked fuses and wires. Replaced the distributor cap and rotor. Sprayed gas into the intake. Pulled spark plug and there's no spark. I'm not sure if the ECU is bad or if the security system has disabled the fuel pump. Any suggestions?

only happens after engine is fully warmed up.. Problem recently started and is consistent... Seems like it stalls on downshift into lower gear.. ?? local mechanic finds no reason for problem...

It will kick in once I'm on the road. I'm also hearing the blower making a louder noise. Blower issue?

Sometimes have no clutch pressure..
Hesitation when acceleration. Once goin it is fine.

I have a rattling or clunking sound from underneath the vehicle sounds like it's coming from the transmission area mostly happens upon acceleration also have trouble shifting through gears please help

Truck runs great I travel a distance and get out go to store or so0mething and find the truck will not start, will not take a jump, will not push start. Give about 20 to 45 min and engine will start

It is running fine but i have been told too many different mileges

I just replaced to alternator and now the car is having power serge when I accelerate yo a speed of over 40. The power bogs down and the air conditioner blows real hard, the rpms are going high and staying high and the battery light is coming on. When i slow down the light goes off. The battery has acid coming out from the power serge. Please help. Thanks.

Engine code 1525

Truck failed smog test. This was the display code. Need to know it's meaning.