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My Bluetooth just switched over radio. Now none of my buttons on my dash is working. Radio is on but can’t control volume. Could this be a fuse?
trans slipping between 1st and 2nf, high rpm before shifts, changed trans fluid, filter and pan gasket, added new fluid and Lucas trans additive ? pulled codes ftom fladhing test light hook up - 526 , 521 , 412 and 116 I think ?
When I have my navigator in park, right turn signal and brake light work fine, but as soon as i put in drive and drive off, the right side lights wont work. Any idea why?
Happens every time the AC is used
ABS light on traction control light on will not shift into 2nd gear as if second gear is park. When it tries to shift into 2nd gear it locks the wheels up. L2 will not work at all. Setting transmission to L2 while foot on the brake and applying gas does seem like it is in gear will not rev the same way as if you were just in neutral or Park
Drive for 20 mi then traction control light come on then temp licht and check ingine light then care dies
The auto lights on my ‘11 Lincoln Navigator will not work, the switch won’t turn past auto position to turn on the fog lights. I’ve never had any issue with the lights or changed anything or replaced anything on the car recently. i Have always left the switch in the auto light position but noticed this morning no lights are on at all as though it is in the off position. I can manually turn on the parking and headlights but when I turn back to auto nothing is on and the switch will not go past the auto position. When I bump the brights it does make a thud type noise once it may have always done that I just never noticed. I did have a couple instances in the last few weeks where I’ve went to get in the car and the power running boards don’t kick out and no lights or anything work but I close the door and works fine after. Also it has been cutting out and haveing a hard time getting power while driving sometimes but I’m thinking it just needs new coils
I think it has to do with relays but changed them now the noise is in the anti theft box but also drains the battery
Put it on drive don’t move put it on 3rd and put it back to drive then it works
The air suspension compressor did not work, and the air dryer seems full of rust when shaken. The air line appears to be clogged so no air is getting to the air bags from a compressor (100psi). I know the line is only 1/8". Is there a simple solution rather than replacing the entire air line? I already have another compressor and air dryer but am holding off installing it until this problem is solved.
I have a 2005 Lincoln town car and I have replaced the air suspension pump, both air suspension bags and now the air solenoids that go into the air bags. I have sprayed the lines down looking for leaks but my car still drops about 3 inches on each side overnight and more if it sits for a few days. What should be my next step. I talked to ford dealer and they said replace it with new springs and shocks in the back. No suggestion for fixing existing air system.
Just need to know what mileage a well maintained 6cyl in a 2007 mkz could be expected to get total. They are asking 4000.00. Do they get 200,000 or more?
I need directions to remove the radiator , Ihad a pressure check done and it’s to expensive at the auto shop.
I see 2 sensors one on each side on top of the block with green and white wires. Is this it and which one or where?
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