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no noise from the front end , no bouncing and breaking is good
It has been shifting hard then it started making a load noise i checked under the hood and noticed the coil pack was broken so I checked the spark plug can I just replace that one or do I have to do all of them and what does that do to the timing
passanger and drive mirrors dont work how do I change bulb
I have removed the MAF, air box and engine cover. Also have removed screws that hold radiator in place and have wiring harness loose from shroud. No room to get fan assembly out. Help, please!
CEL came on blinking when driving home then stayed on and blinks when accelerated and smells like sulfur or rotten eggs
My heating and cooling system will not turn on at all
How do I get my radio screen to come back on. It was going out every few months then coming back on. Now it’s just off. I unplugged the fuse box and plugged it back in & the radio came on but only sound no screen
Idk wats going on I’ve been trying to fix it for a couple of days now
The light is off for about 3 mins after starting car, then comes on. cleaned terminals and checked for bad connections. checked with battery tester. 14+ volts 750 cold crank
2002 lincoln how to bypass anti theft
which wire is the hot wire run to coil packs
How to re-set security anti thef system car wont start
How to re-set security anti thef system car wont start or bypass it
There is a VHS tape stuck in my player for the entertainment system in my 2002 Lincoln Navigator. Need to know how to get the player out so I can have it fixed.
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