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Just need to know what kind of oil to put in a 2003 Lincoln town car
What could be the cause of play in the steering wheel? Is it in the gear box or something else I need to have looked at?
None of my windows work except for the front passenger.
hard shifting
Car Wont go into third gear seems ike it looses pressure but won't cut off
Even when you push down on the front end on driver side you could hear it squeaking how do I fix that
When I switch on the wipers, nothing happens.
06 lincoln town car engine starts byt won't stay on. What could be the issue?
wont shift out of park,only if I disconnect
remove panel to garage door opener
Switch will not control wipers. For a couple of days they just kept going so I took the fuse out to stop them. Then when I put the fuse back in it just stop working all together.
But it won't switch to the last gear either and the reverse just went out
Drives fine just don't know how fast I'm going and cruise control don't work
Car suddenly went into "neutral" mode while driving up a hill and would not engage into any gear. Heard constant whining noise coming from the engine compartment when trying to put it into Park. Vehicle still rolls on its own while in any gear, including Park, like it is in neutral. Can someone please tell me what the problem may be and how to fix it?
I am upgrading my plugs and wires and I was wondering if I should upgrade the coil packs also
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