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checked tank for leak or crack seam nothing..air vent is open..
work good for awhile then high goes then they start freezing up half way...Shut car off they start working again but no high,then nothing after awhile?????
dash board a/c heat cluster does not work. also, loud noise under hood.
Because it stops for about 5-10 seconds And If I wait it will stars by it self???
The doors always locked themselves when I dropped the car in drive. They have suddenly stopped doing this. What would cause this to happen?
Recently had recall repair done on speed control switch. Since then the speedometer began to randomly stop working. I first noticed on a couple of occasions that when I began driving after a complete stop that it took a few seconds for speed to start reading. Yesterday while driving a distance of 30-35 miles speedometer would randomly read 0 then after several minutes it would read correctly but then quickly go back to 0. This happened several times in that one trip.
gear shift cable rusted off under car at clip near the cat. is on sissor jack and cannot get under it enough saftly to access lever on trans i need to get some jack stands is it hard to replace cable i have the steering column exposed cable is still attached to shift tube would i need to remove airbag?steeing column? Thanks in advance
any number on the keypad will turn the light on.
Originally I had a code "misfire #7". I had blown a spark plug on cyl #3 3 months earlier. I replaced all of the plugs and when replacing the coils and injectors I moved the injectors right and the coils left hoping the miss would move and I could tell what was faulty. Bingo, misfire #8 which told me the injector was bad. I removed them all keeping track of which one came from which cylinder. I found a video on-line how to clean and test them and I did just that. The suspected one was plugged but cleaned up pretty good. I replaced it into cylinder #5 since it is easy to get out. Started up and ran great for 5 minutes then gave a code "misfire #5". I replaced that injector and it runs well for about 8 miles and then flashes the wonderful #316 code. Any comments? Also my alarm keeps going off and the DOOR AJAR light stays on? Any help on that? My car is possessed!
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